The lying cow

I live in a block of flats and over lockdown I got friendly with one of my neighbours.
Being furloughed I saw lots of people I don’t usually see.
When I bumped into her I said I was going to the shop can I get you anything, she was very polite and asked me to get a few things.
Every time I went to the shops I knocked on her door and we would chat and continue chatting when I returned from the shops.
We got to know each other on a good level when I mentioned about a partner she said she was single but not wanting any relationship because of a bad ex boyfriend who turned violent on her.
The next day she text me asking if I was going to the shops today could I get some washing powder, no worries I replied.
When I returned from the shops I knocked on her door, no answer, I could hear music playing so I knocked again, I thought that’s strange, I called her on my mobile and as it was ringing I looked through the letter box and I could see through to the kitchen, it was the same layout as mine and there she was on the kitchen table legs in the air with some bloke fucking her.
I left the shopping by the door and texted her saying, shopping at door you must have been busy.
When she replied she said she was hanging washing out on the balcony and didn’t hear door or mobile.
I replied, you seemed more busy on the kitchen table hence why I left shopping at door.
I’ve not heard or seen from her from that day on.

1.1 years ago

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