All that time wasted

Three months ago I separated from my husband, I’ve moved back to my parents.
Being honest it’s a big relief, I’m slowly adjusting taking day by day and I’m enjoying myself again.
A male friend of mine has been promising to come visit, I’m not local anymore and he doesn’t drive.
Finally after many cancellation he did come visit.
It took him 3 1/2 hours by train and he had planned to get the late train home the same day.
We had a great day, not laughed like that in a long time.
We returned to my parents house about 9pm, we sat talking in my bedroom, my bedroom is downstairs next to the living room where my parents are.
I went to get more drinks and my parents asked a few questions, nothing about my friend about plans for next week.
When I returned my friend was asleep in the armchair.
I left him sleeping while I did a few things, it was now nearly 10.15pm so I woke him, I said what time is your train, he said 10.20pm what time is the next one I said, tomorrow he said.
I started to panic knowing full well my parents are old fashioned and would not be happy if he stayed the night.
My friend said he will find somewhere, I said hang on and went and explained things to my parents, my parents said it was ok but no funny business.
I told my friend it’s ok but you best stay in the armchair and be very quiet.
My parents went to bed and we continued talking, I undressed under the bed covers leaving my top on, I said you better come closer so my parents can’t hear us talking.
He laid on top of the bed fully clothed, it wasn’t long and I was feeling tired and drifted off.
No idea what time it was I woke and he was shivering, I said get under the covers, when he did I turned and faced him and thanked him for making me laugh today then turned my back to him.
In the spooning position he held my hand and I brought it into me cuddling it, we are both pressed up against each other.
I pushed my bum into him and he pushed back, both of us testing the water, the moving stopped and he started kissing the back of my neck, it felt wonderful, I pushed back into him to snuggle up and I could definitely feel a firm object.
Knowing what it was I started moving my bum into it, he was also pushing.
I whispered it’s ok but you will have to be super quiet.
He pushed his trousers down and slightly pushed one of my legs forward, I could feel the end of his cock at my pussy hole, very slowly he started pushing into me, he was just putting the end in and out, it was like I was very tight or he was very big, as he continued pushing in and out slowly he was going a little deeper, I now have my head in the pillow, as this went on he kept on going deeper and deeper, I’m now omg, very slowly he was pulling right out and slowly going back in, he was up against my cervix then he pulled back a bit and pushed right it, for ages he was sliding slowly in and out.
I’m now playing with my clit, the feeling was like his cock was continuously going in me, he knew exactly when to hold deep in me and I was having an orgasm, my insides are thrusting away, pulsing gripping his cock, just when I thought couldn’t get any better he continued slowly going in and out of me, my pussy was on fire and numb, I had so many different feelings in my pussy, stinging then tightness, no grip.
When he pulled out it was like a cork being pulled, I laid there with the wettest and nicest pussy feeling ever.
In the morning I was awoken with a little kiss, he said he was getting the 8.40 train.
I was glowing that morning, later after knowing he was home safe I thought, he didn’t cum…..

11 months ago

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