First time with Suzanne

I was a 19 year old lifeguard and still a virgin. I wanted an older woman to seduce me and teach me the way but I was surrounded by girls my own age who were mostly as inexperienced as I was. I’m sure every woman at the pool thought I was getting it regularly and finally Marianne, a 29 year old single mom invited me to meet her at a local house party.

I went there but she had not arrived yet. She had mentioned a casual acquaintance named Suz that was “super sex-starved” and how she was fondling guys in the hot tub and creeping them out. This actually sounded like the woman for me.

Sure enough, I saw Suz at the party and we went for a walk outside. Suz was 23, divorced and from central Indiana living a few blocks from my home. She was blonde, very large breasted with nice alabaster skin. I think we both know what was coming but we partied late into the evening including swimming in a local apartment complex pool as a group. Neither of us went in the water and soon enough I followed her to her apartment and we went inside. It was like 2AM and she thought we would just fall asleep and wait for the big explosion for the morning but I was so horny and relaxed at the same time.

We disrobed and crawled into bed and I lay on my back while she mounted me so casually. She pushed hard and with some resistance, she sunk all the way down and ground her mound against mine. It was soooo awesome to feel a woman on me for the first time! She started to bounce and I grabbed her fleshy hips. She had an orgasm quickly but after I started to thrust rapidly, I lost it and emptied into her very tight vagina for nearly a whole minute. She gasped at the volume that fell out with my soft penis as she applied pressure to sort of eject the whole mass with a “plop” sound and runny, goey mess. We were so tired and drifted off to sleep in minutes.

Around 9AM we awoke and without any delay resumed again a wonderful second round. This time she leaned forward and swung her pendulous breasts into my face and giggled! She made me cum a bit more slowly and kept riding me after I came for a second round. I don’t think she was used to that kind of response and was sort of dumbfounded by the virility of a 19 year old. We were made for each other at that moment in time.

I could not wait to return to see her that evening for some lessons she would surely provide! I have never felt more comfortable with any woman ever. She will always be remembered as my first.

11 days ago

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    • I married my first who was an experienced woman that had several lovers before me. I was very shy around women and she knew what she wanted and fucking her was fantastic. I was 21 and she had her first lover at 18 nearly three years before.

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