Caught Them

My brother and I gotten real close family wise and sex wise. We was almost caught together having sex by our parents but luckily we thought they didn't realize what was really happening. I enjoy having him shoot onto my large nipple covered small breasts and rub his cock over my nips. It really turns me on sexually. We told our folks that we be out late one Saturday night. He and I decided to go to a meet and greet and figured we get lucky with a couple that would be interested in us. It turned out that the meet and greet was canceled. Instead we hung out at a porn store. My brother ended buying french tickler condoms and I bought pierce jewelry for my nips. We headed home. I was eager to find out how those french tickers felt in me.
We entered the house thru the back way quietly. To our surprise dad was getting a blow job from grand ma and mom was getting pounded by granny's boyfriend who was more endowed than dad. "What the hell is going on here?" we shouted. Mom and dad answered back,"We're swinging like we always do when you two are gone. You two play with one another so it's no different if my mother gives dad a blow job like you do to your brother!" mom said and motioned my brother to pull his dick out and started sucking it. "Suck it baby!" dad said. He motioned me to bare my breasts. I removed my top. Dad and grandma's friend smiled to each other. I walked over to dad and he squeezed them hard. We told everyone we went to a swingers meet and greet but it was canceled. Then grandma suggested it would be nice if bro and I join in their play time and started to mouth my big areola nipples and finger me.
Dad went over to mom to lick her wet slit. My brother came over to me to tit fuck grandma's saggy breasts while grandma's boyfriend cum blasted me. Ever since that night we got to bond with one another. Yes I enjoyed the french tickler and so did mom.

2 months ago

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    • So the whole family is a bunch of retarded incest lovers? That was totally fake! What the fuck where you one when you wrote that fake crap!

    • Does your family also murder toddlers or just you?

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