Making a lesbian out of her friend

I work in a women clothing store when a mom of my best friend came in. she said her daughter, Katie, wants to move back home after breaking up with her boy friend who she told never to leave town with. before she left, she stole money from me so she could move away she wants to moved home because she was broke and was kicked out of her ex boyfriend house. when i suddenly had thought of a plan for her arrival . i am a lesbian who loves wild fetishes. so i told her mom my plan. when she fly in to the airport, i will take her luggage so she has no clothes to wear. we can buy her little girl clothes for her to wear and treat her like a bad girl who needs to be punished for stealing money . her mom liked the idea. i always had a fetish of wanting to cut her near 4 feet very long hair and get her mom cut her hair into a pixie look like mine. her mom agreed. so we began shopping for her new clothes. i call Katie and tell her i can not wait to see you. she told me about getting spanked for being a bad girl. she said her mom told Katie to start wearing her outfits and said no. her mom took her her knee and gave her a good spanking. the first of many to come. couple days go by, when her mom asked me to stop by. she was all dressed up like a little girl. she looked like she was in jr. high with her button down dress in her white pantyhose. her hair had grown a lot since i last saw her. we started talking when her mom came in and said there is money missing from her purse and she wants to check Katie purse. there was the money her mom put in her purse. her mom grab her by the arm, but Katie broke away. her mom grabbed the back of her dress and pulled it hard. i got hit with her buttons popping off as her dress and it came off. Katie fell over the back of the couch and i loved seeing her my her pink ruffle panties covered by her white pantyhose. her mom began to spank her. it was so exciting to see her body wiggly around on the top of the back of the couch. her mom began to spank her hard with her mom was telling her about stealing money before she left and know you come home and steal money again. she tried to get away but her mom grabbed her bra and rip her bra off. her 44 size tits were free from her bra. her mom tore at her pantyhose and panties .. her big tits had her nipples standing out from the excitement . i was turned on so much i got hot flashes. Katie makeup was messed up from all the tears running off her face. her mom grab her arm and pulled her into the bathroom to wash the makeup off. i was so hot, i went off in my panties. she really turn me on seeing her in her torn panties and hose and her big tits showing her large nipples standing out. her mom began to wash off her makeup. then her mom told her to sit on the chair by the makeup mirror. then her mom reached over a grab a pair of scissors. Katie started to plead with her mom not to cut her hair, but her mom told her she was going to get a pixie cut for being a bad girl and stealing her money for the 2nd time.. i was exploding inside, i always wanted to cut her hair, but now it is going to happen. her mom saw in the mirror i was full of joy. Katie was staring into the mirror, as her mom grabbed a large handful of hair close to her head and began to cut it off. i watched as almost 4 feet of hair began to drop on to Katie lap. this was better that anything i ever wanted. Katie kept saying , please stop, but her mom said maybe you will think before stealing money from me. each time she cut a handful of hair was piled on her lap. she started on one side and slowly moved to her back. soon, i could not see Katie lap anymore, the piles of hair was getting deep onto the floor. soon her mom had finished. Katie was staring into the mirror at her pixie haircut. her mom said she had to leave and go to work. she told Katie to clean this mess up. i was thinking about my surprise , i had a strap on that is was going to fuck her hard with. as i began to comfort her, i began kissing her hard and began rubbing her big tits. she was enjoying this, so i lead her to the back of the couch and bent her over so her ass was in perfect position i grabbed the back of her pantyhose and ripped them apart. i started rubbing her panties on her hot pussy. she began to make sounds of delight. soon, i tore those pretty cotton panties off, i began licking her hot pussy. i then lifted my dress and rammed my big dick into her pussy and began to fuck her hard.i was going to make her pussy sore by fucking her hard. suddenly i pulled it out and rammed it into her ass and heard her scream, i would not stop for over 30 minutes . when i stopped Katie turn around and began licking my pussy like my slave.Katie said she felt so funny from hot flashes as her mom cut my hair and then getting fucked so hard,so long, she never felt this way was her first lesbian sex ever . Katie was in love with me. it was the best time off my life. now she is my lover.

1 month ago


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    • She needs a lover with a slow hand
      Not a dyke with a face like a man
      She needs a real dick made out of skin
      Not a plastic thing you can't even bend
      When you close your eyes to sleep, one night
      You'll awake and find her out of sight.

    • No! What they both need is each other. They are in love. True love. They will be together forever. Congratulations to them both. I imagine they are beautiful together. Hot, filthy, wet, and just fucking beautiful. OMG!

    • Bullied into carpet munching by her mother and an old dyke ? Cut her long tresses to conform to their version of what's lesbian ? Nope, not the stuff of true love, and those two old hamburger queens will be lucky to escape with their lives.

    • They require rape by Allah

    • Allah can't even beat his meat without getting a black eye !

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