I have a crush on my girlfriend's mom

I'm 19. She's 55 and is hot and sexy. Whenever I'm at my gf's house all I want is to be around her mom.

1.1 years ago


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    • We were living with my MIL, and all throughout a month her mother, father, ex husband and ex step son ended up passing. Mother & father cancer, ex drunk driving, and drugs. And I was there to console her. She was working two jobs to support the house I helped too, but I was there for her sexually as well. She was just your average milf, nothing special, but just the fact of her being my MIL was hot enough for me

    • You are such a lucky, lucky man, and a hero to nearly all us married men. My MIL knows I have the dirty hots for her and has known it since before I married her daughter. She frequently "catches" me looking at her lasciviously at family gatherings, and just smiles and shakes her head dismissively. like "not happening, Barrett". But she knows I would kill to get with her. Who would I kill? Well, her husband and my wife, for starters, but the rest of the family, too, if need be.

    • I had the pleasure of actually fucking my mother in law a few times. She was better than her daughter. Haha

    • Tell more about the circumstances, please!!

    • I was attracted to my mother in law from the first time I saw her, we liked each other a lot, after about 5 years into the marriage of her daughter her sister in law died she lived a couple states away, She had planned to ride with me ,my wife and baby, The day before we were to leave the baby was a little sick and fussy so my wife cancelled out of going, it would be just my mother in law and myself, we drove over there together never talked about staying in a motel room together. When we settled in for the night she calmly undressed in front of me and slid into the bed, We performed oral sex on each other a lot and the fucking was great, we fucked that night and the next morning and from then on for several years we had sex even after she married a guy, we really did feel like we were meant for each other.

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