Why my Wife did not want to visit her parents

I never had an Idea, I could be involved in a incestouous relationship. We don't have kids even if we are 39 (me) and 35 (Wife) in between. We both did not have siblings, so the propabilitate for Incest to happen to us, I though, was a minimum.

Between my wife and her parents must have happened something. They have been at our wedding but they never visited us the years afterwards and my wife always blocked, when I asked her to meet with her parents. Ireally did not know why. I never heard anything about them arguing or anything else happened between them and my wife.

Over the Time I thought to feel, that my wife missed her parents but when I wanted to talk about it, she turned around and went out of the room. a talk was not possible. But I felt so sorry for her (and for her parents too), that I booked 2 seats on a airline and put her in front of facts.

She seemed something between angry and excited. I could not read, what it was. But she agreed to fly. I called her Parents just 2 days before our arrival, because I did not want them to say no.

I will shorten it. I got to know, that my wife as a girl had seduced both her, mom and her dad, when they have been drunk. And they had sex all night and her dad got her virginity. They all 3 wanted to ignore, what had happened but 2 days later her mom suddenly came into her room, stripped and layed down beside her daughter and started making love to her.

The time, when my wife had seduced them, her mom had lesbian sex for the first time in her life and she confessed that night when she joined her daughter in her bed, that she could not get it out of her head and wanted to experience it again.

So it all started. They all 3 had Sex even when she and I fell in love and during all the time until our wedding. The last time Mom and daughter did it, was one day before the wedding, the last time dad/daughter has been, as I got to know, when the in the church waited to walk her the aisle. She had sucked her dad off and when I gave her the wedding kiss, she still had leftovers of his semen in her mouth.

No, I did not get angry. Not at all. It made me horny as hell and I nearly forced my wife to do her dad at once after it had gotten to know. We nof visit each other several times a year. in between we are 58 (me) and 54 (Wife) and her parents are in their 70s. But they are still horny and naughty as to the time it happened first for me.

What Do you think. Any similar Experiences or wished?
Sorry if misspelling but we are french :-)


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  • My wife was my girl friend at the time, when met her parents and was interduced to her family her mother and sister they kissed me on the mouth not a brief kiss longer than normal with there lips parted they both pushed there groin against me, well of course I went hard, after I explained to my girl friend about getting an erection for her mother and sister, she said its ok the family men always get a hard on we take it as a compliment it happen to my dad and brother kiss me, I get excited when I kiss mum and my sister the same way, she things can go further if we want them to, so there it is

  • My wife is attractive, but her mother is gorgeous. We always flirt and decided to meet at an out of town motel. We fucked like animals with the next room beating on the wall for us to quiet down.

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