Wife and party

Sally my wife was invited to a party at her friend's place in the country. She asked if spouses were invited and was bluntly told they were as long as there was NO fighting or jealousy. Sally excepted the invite as we have never been a couple to fight. When she told me about the party I asked what kind of party is was. She really didn't know, but figured it would be something weird if spouses were limited.

When we got there I didn't see anything strange. Mostly a normal party with people I didn't really know who were talking, eating, and drinking. About 10PM I asked my wife Sally if she was ready to leave. She said yes and started saying her goodbyes. That's when the host, a guy she knows told her she couldn't go yet. When she asked why he told her it hadn't happened yet. What hadn't happened yet? The matching event. My wife asked what he was talking about. He explained that we were all going to figure out who was going home with whom. At first my wife objected and said we would not be partaking in the event, but the host kept asking her until she finally asked me what I thought. I told her I didn't care and we decided to do it. A short time later the host made his way around with a hat. We each took a number that would later match with someone elses number. My number matched up with a woman who was a little younger than me. She looked to be late 20's early 30's with black hair and Samoan descent. She was very pretty and had a sleek little figure. My wife's number coincidentally matched the number of the host. I'm pretty sure he rigged it that way. My wife ended up staying the night there while Mililani came home with me. I have no idea if her husband was at the party or not, but I know she was married. We went back to my house, talked for a bit and then had sex. We slept (as in sleep) together and sometime around 3:00am she woke me and we had sex again. In the morning we took a shower together and had sex yet again. We had sex again right before we left the house. My wife told me she and the other guy only had sex once. I find that hard to believe though.

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  • Neighbor had a party, nothing weird. But my wife Linn and Bob were hitting it off like they were singles looking to get laid. Bob's wife Julie approaches me in a wtf is with them 2 way. Julie and I start flirting. Some time later Bob and Julie say to me, want to swap? I said i would but Lynn would never. They say mind if we ask her like we did you? I say go for it but she won't. They soon come saying she's game, Linn even ask Julie if she minds her fucking her Bob.
    Nobody has ever done this before. We go our backyard pool and strip naked. I can see Lyinn is giving Bob a blowjob in the shallow end. I'm a little jealouse but more concerned with mounting Julie while we hang off the diving board. I'm in, we go at a while and she starts cumming , Bob seems to be settling for the bj. Lynn finished the dirty deed and Bob starts crying when he hears Julie's sex sounds. Julie yells at him, it was your idea and you were all smiles getting the bj I that I don't give well -- put your big boy pants on and lets go home.
    3 of were had fun ,,, Julie actually thanked Lynn for thr bj, said she hates them and doesn't do them. Being how it ended we'll never do it again.
    Lynn quipped to Julie, he left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Sounds kind of like a key party. my boyfriend and I did this once with some friends but we didn't have the guts to go through with it. we didn't like the people we were paired with lol.

  • Wife and I was invited to a key party by her sister. I had no clue what it was until my wife explained it to me. I was like, oh hell no.

  • A Samoan, or, someone of Samoan descent, with a "sleek little figure " ? That is a very rare thing !

  • Obviously you haven't seen very many women from Hawaii. The most beautiful woman I ever saw in my life was in Hawaii. She was like a goddess and made ever supermodel ever, look like a fucking dog.

  • I hope you don't lose your wife and bust your marriage.You shouldn't have stayed there.Now your wife is going to get addicted till she is fulfilled and continue later.Never allow a woman to lose her inhibition.Afterwards,there is no return ticket.

  • Yes your right it certainly does happen but not all the time.

  • Crazy story

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