Water pistol

My son has a battery operated water pistol, I was having a clear out and I put the water pistol to one side.
I had a thought in my head that I wanted to try, this is very unlike me to have thoughts like this.
Before I was going to throw the pistol away I cleaned it and filled it with warm water, standing in the bathroom I put the end just inside my vagina and pulled the trigger, oh my that was different feeling, I refilled and stood in the bath tub so to catch the water, after experimenting a bit of was far better to have it deeper inside me, the jets of water it pumps out made things sting inside me, a very nice sting, just wish the pistol held more water.

11 months ago

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    • My slow cousin Zeke from up the creek tried the same thing with a 5 horse power washer. It launched him through the roof and we found his body about a half mile downwind in a corn field.....

    • I'm a guy and I used a duce bag filled with water up my ass. Man, it felt great.

    • Use a shower head instead

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