A life experience I will never forget

36 years ago I watch my friend masturbate and I can still picture it to this day, at the time we were both 17 and good friends, I was still a virgin and I had never seen her with any boys nor show any interest in boys, back then thinking she was a lesbian just never came into any thoughts, we we’re just good friends.
Only recently I’ve known she is a lesbian, found her on Facebook and messaged her.
She also remembers what happened in her bedroom, being a virgin I didn’t know what to do, I just watched, she dressed like hippies in the 60s / 70s she asked me if a touch myself, can’t remember what I replied but she said I do, on her bed she pulled her really long skirt up and started touching herself then she took her knickers off and continued playing, she did it for about 10 minutes, I was just Staring watching what was going on.
A life experience I will never forget.

15 days ago

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