Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Visited A Third Time

(Read “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Receives Unwanted Anal “ Parts 1 and 2 and “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Violated Again.”)

Several months had passed since I had titty fucked the beautiful Dr. Nausheen and blew my load all over her breasts, face, and hair. I had been looking at the photos of my penis squeezed between her full breasts and the mess I left all over her. Every time I saw these photos, I got SO HARD and had to relieve myself. I felt it was her fault I was getting hard all of the time and she should do something to make my hardon go away.
I emailed one of the photos to her with the message “You look so beautiful kneeling there, bare breasted, with my sperm all over your breasts, face, and hair. Did any of my sperm end up in your mouth? Do you remember how it tastes? Have you told your husband about my last visit? Does he know about my first visit? I have his email address and can send him the videos and photos I have of our visits together. I will stop by your office at 5:30 PM on Thursday so we can discuss whether I should tell your husband about these visits.”

I went to her office on Thursday at 5:30 PM to find only her car in the parking lot and the front door unlocked. I went inside and locked the door behind me. I took a quick look around her office and found it empty. I saw a light coming from her personal office, walked in, and found her sitting behind her desk nearly in tears. “What do you want this time? When will this stop? Please stop ‘visiting me.’ I’m a married woman. This is not right!”
I tell her that I think about her all the time, every day, and that my cock is hard for hours each day. She begs me to stop thinking about her, stop fantasizing about her. “Please stop sexualizing me! I’m not your wife. This isn’t right. You should not want to have sexual relations with me. You cannot have sexual relations with me.”

I tell her that I’m so disappointed to hear that. I tell her that I’ll leave her alone and never bother her again. But, first, I just need to send some videos and photos her husband. After I do that, I promise that she’ll never hear from me again. I take out my phone and start to compose an email to her husband. “STOP! PLEASE DON’T! HE CAN NEVER SEE THOSE PHOTOS!” I ask her what her husband will think if he were to see the videos and photos I have. She reluctantly replies “He . . . He would . . . He would think I am a slut and a whore.”

I tell her that during this visit I will not put my penis inside of her body. She looked relieved. But, I tell her that she must do exactly what I say, within 48 hours, or that next Thursday I’ll come back and put my penis inside her everywhere – for hours. She seemed relieved, yet apprehensive, to hear what I said. She asked “What do you want me to do?” I take out a small, battery-operated camera from my pocket. It’s designed to be easily concealed, take very clear videos in low light, and make extremely high-fidelity audio recordings. I hand her the camera. “What’s this?” “It’s a small video camera.” “What . . . What do you want me to do with it?” “Tonight or tomorrow night, I want you to ask your husband to have anal sex with you and I want you to record it using this camera. If the video is not clear, if I cannot see and hear every detail, you will have to do it over and over again until I am satisfied with the video. After you make the video, I want you to upload it to this web address.” I give her a web upload site to post the video to. “What? You want me to do what? My husband will never . . . We have never . . . He won’t . . . He won’t perform anal sex on me. No Indian wife would ask her husband for that. He will never do it. Also, he will think I am a slut for asking him to do that to me.” “It’s your choice, either do what I say or if I don’t find the video on the site in 48 hours, and I’m satisfied with it, I’ll email your husband about my 2 visits.” In tears, she reluctantly agreed to my demands. I make sure she knew how to operate the camera, where to upload the video, and that she had to upload it within 48 hours. I left and couldn’t wait for 48 hours to pass!

48 hours later, I checked the upload site, and saw a single video file posted to the site. I opened the file and saw the video lasted for 20 minutes. I immediately sprang a HUGE BONER and sat down to watch the video.
The video began in what appeared to be Dr. Nausheen’s bedroom. She was on the video wearing a black, lace baby doll nightie. Her full breasts were about to spill out of the nightie and there was a hint of black panty peeking out from under the very short nightie. I felt wetness form in my underwear. Next I saw a man – presumably Dr. Nausheen’s husband – come into the room. “Hello husband. Since the children are having a sleepover with friends tonight, I thought we could make love!” Her husband seemed immediately interested. “You look so beautiful and sexy my wife! Is that lingerie new?” “Yes husband, I got it for you, hoping you would like it!” She approached her husband who was standing in the middle of the bedroom floor, knelt down, opened his pants, and took his half-hard penis into her mouth. She began to lick and suck his penis. He moaned loudly “Oooooooohhhhhhh . . . my wife . . . . you know I like that! You so rarely do that for me . . . Oooooohhhhh!” This went on for a few minutes and when she stopped, her husband’s fully erect penis came out of her mouth.

At this point, she turned around and laid her upper body across their bed, face down, her legs hanging over the side. Her husband said “What’s this?” She replied “I am hoping for something ‘very special’ tonight my husband. It’s something I have been thinking about – WANTING – for a long time. But, I am reluctant . . . afraid to you ask you for it.” “What is it that you want my wife?” “Husband, I would like you to . . . would you please . . . would you do it in my butt tonight?” “What? Do you want me to have anal sex with you?” “Yes husband, please. I really want it!” “Are you sure you want me to put my penis in your butthole? It’s so small. It may hurt.” “I want it very badly my husband. I have a bottle of lubricant in the bedside table. Please us it and please be gentle. Enjoy my butthole husband!”

Dr. Nausheen’s husband wasted no time taking the bottle of lube from the bedside table and spreading it on his hard penis. He lifted Dr. Nausheen’s baby doll nightie above her waist, and removed the tiny matching panties she had on. He spread her butt cheeks and looked down. “Your virgin butthole looks so tight, so inviting my wife! I am so pleased and excited to deflower you back there!” I guess Dr. Nausheen was wrong about her husband not wanting to give it to her in the butt. I heard Dr. Nausheen say “You took my first virginity now you will take my second.” I almost blew my load when I heard that, knowing that I had taken her 2nd virginity. I could see her husband position the swollen head of his penis against Dr. Nausheen’s butthole. He slowly pushed in about an inch. “Ahhhh!!!!,” Dr. Nausheen cried out in pain. “Does it hurt? Should I stop?” “No, please keep going husband, I enjoy it.” At this point he steadily fed the remaining inches of his penis into Dr. Nausheen’s anus. I could hear her cry out “Ahhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!! Owwww!!!!” Her husband asked “Do . . . do you like it?” She replied “I love it my husband. Please take your pleasure in me.” He questioned “You mean . . . in . . . in your butt?” “Yes husband, please take your pleasure in my butt and do so quickly!” He didn’t need to be asked twice. He started thrusting in and out of Dr. Nausheen’s anus, slowly at first, and then more aggressively. His personality seemed to suddenly change. He firmly grabbed her hips, pushed her hard against the mattress, and began to aggressively thrust into her anus. She moaned loudly, “Quickly my husband, please!” He replied “Sluts have no right to make demands when they are having their ass fucked! Whores should remain silent when they have a penis in their butt!” A minute or two later he thrust deeply into her, screamed “YOU SLUT!,” and frozen in place. I could tell he was cumming in her butt. She moaned. He stayed frozen there for several minutes and then withdrew his half-flaccid penis from her butt. She slowly stood up and I could hear her say “Oh my!” and reach both hands behind herself. Her husband’s sperm was leaking out of her gaped anus and she was trying to catch the mess.

I think now that Dr. Nausheen’s husband has enjoyed her ass once , he will be back for more, over and over again! I replayed the video and came at the same moment Dr. Nausheen’s husband came in her butt!


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  • The story of my and my husband's "anal intimacy" should never be told. My reputation as a proper and chaste Indian woman is being ruined by the repeated violations I suffer and how they are being published for the entire world to see. - Nausheen

  • I would love to stand in a long line of men, each taking Dr. Nausheen up her butt, one after another. I'm so hard right now. I need to go relieve myself!

  • I am sure her husband likes being able to get up her ass now. He'd probably thank you if he knew you made that possible for him!

  • Now that you have set up Dr. Nausheen to be fucked in the ass by her husband for the first time, he is going to keep doing it over and over again. Poor Dr. Nausheen!

  • Keep going

  • What about her daughter? Would you date her?

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