It just happened, no time to think

My brother in law is young and very trendy, he’s also very confident and has an amazing masculine body.
He’s always happy and very cheeky and he’s not shy.
This happened two years ago and it only happened the once, he had come to see is brother but he wasn’t in, I made him a drink and he started telling about all the things he’s been up too, I said your life sounds amazing dating and drinking, he said it’s not that amazing there’s always room for more.
While holding his crotch he said, you’ve got to take it while it’s on offer, I said I would love to have one offer let alone the amount you get.
There you go he said, he had pulled down his joggers and boxers and said, there’s an offer you can’t refuse, I know he was joking but it was an amazing view, he was shaved and his midriff looked sexy and toned, have a play he said, I stood there just looking at him, didn’t know what to think nor say, come on he said it doesn’t bite, he walked towards me and place my hand on his penis, he become erected very quick and it was very firm, I just started stroking him, he pushed his hips / waist out and it was now very hard, I just naturally continued stroking his penis, I turned to his side and without any warning he was climaxing on my kitchen floor, I let go at this point and he continued to the end.
See he said, you do get offers, hope you enjoyed it, he left saying in will call his brother and said goodbye.

26 days ago

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