Taking a big risk

Plucked up the courage to ask my friend if we could have sex, she went mental when I asked and she wouldn’t talk to me for over a week nor reply to any of my texts.
I explained in the texts my reasoning for asking but still no reply.
Then I texted saying if I had known it would destroy our friendship I would have never have asked.
I got a reply to that one, gutting a long story short she took pity on me and we had sex.

1 month ago

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    • I have a similar story. I told my close friend I would love to bury my face between her legs and until she came. She got angry and upset that I would ever say something like that. We didn't talk for almost a year until we ran into each other at a party. She told me she over reacted and that she would let me if I still wanted to eat her out. We found a room and I undressed her from the waist down, I kneeled down to get face to face with her pussy. One taste and I immediately regret it. It was bitter, clammy, slimy, and tasted like pennies! I got up and told her no thanks but I wanted to taste your pussy not whatever battery acid you have in there and left and never talked to or saw her again.

    • Hey look a true story

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