I NEED to be spanked

When i say need, I mean NEED. I don’t just enjoy it or want it… from the very first time I offered my bare bottom up to be swatted, I have obsessed over it. My loving husband obliges with weekly “appointments”. There are days when (if circumstances or travel or life has prevented our standing appointment) I almost feel CRAZY. I can’t function/ think/ settle until he finds time in his day to bend me over and redden my back side. Today was one of those days. He settled me! He bent me over the bed, pulled down my jeans and panties to expose my bare skin and he spanked me HARD until I squirmed, and then cried, and then settled. I needed it. And I feel better now… though still sore. The reminder of a bright red tush and a lingering sting will keep me engaged for days.

1.1 years ago

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    • No nicer feeling in the world than having a spanked bum. Like you, I prefer a light spanking. I don't appreciate too much pain and certainly don't want to be marked, more of a pink hue than scarring. It is the whole situation that does it for me, feeling exposed and vulnerable, bending over and holding my ankles while my bf takes down my lower garments and leaves my knickers round my thighs and my bare bum sticking up in the air.
      We have recreated various scenarios, including naughty schoolgirl, incompetent secretary, waitress and a few others.
      We also do corner time where I face the wall, naked from the waist down. It adds to the feeling of faux humiliation.
      I was never spanked as a child, so this was all new territory for me when we first tried it. I took to it like a duck to water! Like you, it is something I now crave and cannot get enough of. Sex without some spanking foreplay now seems very "vanilla".

    • I'm with you on this one. It's the submissiveness that does it for me, not the pain and I'm sure we're not the only ones.

    • My wife likes to be spanked, too. At parties, or whenever we have neighbors over for drinks on our patio, she likes to wear this denim mini skirt that shows off her long well-toned legs. No panties. Whenever she sees a guy ogling her out of the corner of her eye while she's sitting talking to somebody else, she'll casually shift her legs in such a way as to give the guy a full look at her crotch (which is clean shaven around the labia with a tuft of brunette hair up top). I'm watching the whole thing, of course. When we get home from the party, or when the neighbors leave, I order her to strip naked in our garage where I can bend her over the hood of my car and give her the discipline she needs for being such a cock tease. Suffice it to say I leave her with more than a couple bright red "five-finger hand stamps." And she loves it. Gets her soaking wet right before I mount her with my 8" cut cock.

    • My husband spanks me often. When I feel I need it, I confess to some misdeed and he knows that it's the time. Sometimes it's over his knee and other times I have to bend over a chair or table. I always wear a skirt so that he can pull my panties down, which is exciting in itself, before he administers the spanks. Not usually more than six and hard enough to make me squirm but not too hard. After an over the knee session I have to thank him then give him a blow job. After a bending over session I again have to thank him the we have sex doggy style. I'm thinking about a sexy schoolgirl outfit so that he can be my teacher, such a turn on!

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