How I Met My Wife

My wife is a few years older than me, but that didn't stop me from pursuing her the second I saw her. Matter a fact, she was also married at the time, but i didn't care. She was and is hot as fuck, and I wanted her bad.

My sister actually works with her, that's how I met her in the first place. So I would beg my sister to tell me and let me come with any time she went over to her house. Her husband was a shirt run truck driver and would be gone odd hours. Sometimes he was gone, other times he would be there. I would flirt like a mothafucka with her on the days he was gone, and be all nonchalant like I was bored when he was there.

It took better than 6 months, but she finally started having an affair with me. She would wait for her husband to leave and then call me. I would stop and get her, bring her back to my place and have sex with her. It was great until he caught me picking her up one night. He was obviously pissed and wanted to kill me and her both. It was bad, the cops showed up and waited for her to get some of her clothes. She was going to stay at my sister's place, but I offered her to stay with me.

It was a stressful time for both of us. Every time he saw us, he acted like a fucking lunatic. He came up behind me one time at the store and sucker punched me. Thankfully she wasn't with me. Cops got called again and he got arrested. He tried to run her off the road one day, he got arrested again.

Finally they got a divorce and she and I got married. He moved away with some other woman and we don't see him anymore. She told me he had always been a lunatic, even before all this. She had wanted to leave him for years but was afraid to. Thankfully it's over now and she says she's happy now for the first time in her life being with me.

19 days ago

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    • A friend and his wife along with their kids were evicted from their home, because they both lost their job. I invited them to live with me until they got back on their feet. Almost a year goes by, he finds a job and trying to save, now she gets a job at my place of employment. It was Christmas Eve and Lisa and I were up wrapping gifts, and she asked what I wanted, I told her I couldn’t have what I wanted. She says maybe you can, maybe Santa will bring it. Christmas morning we all open presents, that evening she asked me what I wished for? I looked up her up and down and said nothing and walked away. It was maybe about 1am and I’m just sitting by the fireplace drinking a beer and Lisa comes downstairs and asked if I wanted her body or her, and opened her night gown revealing her naked body, I told her I wanted all of her, kids and all. After a two year affair, I married her and now we have 4 kids together, plus her other 2 kids from Irvin.

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