Husband fantasizes about my friends

How many of you fantasize about having sex with your spouse's friends? My husband has openly mentioned that he fantasizes about fucking three of my female friends, sometimes even when we're having sex together (really odd, imo).

I can tell he flirts a bit with them when I have them over, but thankfully they don't flirt back. Just curious about how common this is.

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  • Hate to tell you, but he is already fucking your friends

  • There are a couple of milfs that are mothers of our kid's friends. I fantasize about fucking them. My wife knows it and gets off on it. When my wife is "in the mood", she'll say things like "fuck me like you would fuck Beth/Samantha". Then I know I'm in for a wild ride!

  • My wife has a friend who is very pretty: great face, small boobs, but fit with great hips and ass. She sometimes comes over in spandex leggings and I can't stop thinking about how nice it would be to 69 with her.

  • I've fucked four of my wifes friends. That's just what men do. If you bring women around, we will fuck them, or at least try.

  • Pair of sickos!

  • Always

  • My wife has a friend that is a single mom and whenever she needs anything done around the house I get the job, usually volunteered by my wife. She was over one Saturday and there was some problem with her washer, I told her give me your key and I will go check it out. When I arrived there was a basket of dirty clothes, underwear and workout stuff mostly. I started going thru it and there was a pair of panties that were wet with sweat. She had worked out that morning and they still had her scent. Awesome was all I could think as I inhaled the crotch of them.

  • I did, very often. My ex-wife's friend (and office manager) was a hot, beautiful blonde with the bluest eyes and long, flowing hair I ever saw, and thinking of her during sex, or even "on my own" happened often. Her other friend, also a blonde, but a pure bitch, also found her way into my thoughts, even though we had a hate-hate relationship. I hated her and she was a bitch, but...Had a hot body and amazing ass that just begged for a hard, naked smacking.

  • It’s ok I think even better that he openly talks about it better than sneaking about it. I share a lot of my thoughts with my wife but don’t mean I would act on them

  • My wife's best friend in the neighborhood is Shelley. A tall blonde with huge tits who's always flirting with me, even in front of my wife. I jerk off to fantasies about fucking her all the time but wouldn't dare do anything about that.

  • Coward

  • Yeah, I know. I work out of a home office while my wife is gone all day at a regular office. Shelley's husband is in sales and travels all the time. One time she called me and asked me to come over in the middle of the day to help her hang a large picture in their great room while her husband was out of town (it was a picture they'd both seen and liked somewhere and she wanted to surprise him). It was a hot summer day and when I got there all she had on was a long t-shirt that barely covered her ass and a pair of panties. We hung the picture and she offered me a soda and we sat in her great room and chatted while I snuck glances at her crossed legs while she sat on the couch. Nothing happened, but when I got home I immediately went upstairs to our bedroom and grabbed a pair of my wife's panties to beat off in.

  • Would you like her to up the pressure?

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