Husbands, finish this sentence...

Husbands, finish this sentence:

If my wife only knew...

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  • ...that her best friends husband and I give each other blow-jobs when we can. Neither his wife nor mine like doing them for us so we solved the problem. Its really hot to have a guy kneeling in front of you and giving you amazing blow-jobs and eating every last drop of my cum and really enjoying it and its fantastic to feel his cock erupting in my mouth. We wish they would find pleasure in it but this has worked out great!

  • That I caught her cheating with her ex and watched the whole thing.

  • That I have jerked off many more times than I have fucked her

  • That I truly LOVE cock more than pussy...she wouldn't be surprised... ;]

  • That I had secretly video-taped her high school aged nieces while they showered at our house and that I have stolen and jerked off in her nieces and her best friends' panties. Also, that she had jerked me off with several of her friend's stolen panties after I had taken them and given them to my wife saying they were brand new and I bought them for her. I'd ask her to wear it and while fooling around, I'd fuck my wife's wet cunt while she still has on her friend's panty. Then I'd take it off and she'd wrap what she thinks is her new panties around my little cock and jerk me off until I'm begging to cum. When she finally let's me cum, she let's me shoot into the panties. During the panty job, she is slapping my 4 inch cock telling me how small it is and that it belongs in panties. She sometimes has me put them on and will tease my little cock or make me jerk off with the panties while she watches and teases me. God if she only knew I was stroking my tiny dick with her best friend's or her nieces hot and sexy lace panties. It would be awesome if they came over and caught me jerking off with their panties or if my wife took a video of me and secretly showed it to them. I wonder what they'd say and do. So fucking hot! Ladies, can you all please comment. Aloha!

  • What she did at a party one time when she was so drunk and passed out while doing it. I thought for sure she would be full of regret the next morning but she woke up shortly before noon completely oblivious to any of it.
    She was dancing topless when I walked out on the patio with two fresh drinks and two other women were also. One of the women stripped off everything and a few minutes later my wife kneels down and starts licking her right between her thighs. There were just a few people still there and the two of them just put on a show when the woman sat down in a chair, spread her legs apart and invited my wife over to her. She crawled over and planted her face right into her and started licking away again. It lasted like five minutes then my wife slumped down onto the patio passed out.
    She has never found out as far as I know because if she had she would have already yelled at me for not stopping her.

  • That I ate out my wife's friend Debbie at one of our parties. I'm not sure where she was in her cycle, but I recall the white cheese her pussy was making. Dish of the night for sure. My wife was out back chatting with others. I never got to fuck Debbie, as my wife came out looking for me, and Debbie dropped her long cocktail dress and we stopped, but we didn't get caught.

  • I wore sexy lingerie and sucked another man. 4 times.

  • That I'm fucking her 74 year old mother Vera and the sex is the best I have ever had.

  • That she's sucked my cock after it's been up a guy's asshole

  • I just had sex with her niece, then went home and had her blow me

  • That for all the favors I did for our old neighbor around her house she gave me sex in return, she is a single woman in her forties. She would ask me if I wanted to repair something for her and then offer up sexual favors back. She gave me ten sexual encounters for power washing and staining her deck. I countered one time when she offered up sex and asked her to do one bondage session for a few hours, she smiled at me and ended up enjoying it a lot. I do miss her a lot, her ass was amazing look at when she was bent over.

  • That I let my best friend play with our daughters panties and we both get off on them

  • That I want to see her naked on her knees sucking off big black cock

  • I've seen mine do that.

  • That I shared her nude pics with all her friends husbands, she would understand why they are to friendly towards her.

  • That I suck cock when I get the chance.

  • I do to and love sucking a long cock till he cums in mouth .I have sucked many cocks and want more cock now,

  • That I think about her exes fucking her while I am. It turns me on to think 10 other dicks have been there.

  • That I wear butt plugs during the day so that I can be ready for my buddy Mark's 9" cock after work.

  • ...that I've wanked into her 18yr old daughter's knickers...

  • ...and that I fantasise about her daughter when I'm fucking her!

  • Mmmmmm!!

  • That my friend and me wear and masturbate in her dirty panties

  • Such grammar! "That my friend and I wear and masturbate in her dirty panties."

  • Her mother gives me blowjobs for doing things around her house.

  • That I've tag-teamed my best friend's girlfriend with him on a regular basis.

  • ...that I know she is having an affair with our neighbor two houses down.

  • That I fucked Dawn

  • That l visit a gay man almost weekly to get sucked off and swallowed.

  • Same here, I have even gone daily some weeks, he has never turned me down when I text him asking if I can get a BJ. He even gives me multiple orgasms sometimes sucking until I cannot take it any longer.

  • My wife would DIE if she knew how often I shoot my load into our jars of mayonnaise. She refuses to swallow when giving me head, so I feed it to her this way. Yummy!

    And she knows I hate mayonnaise but she loves it.

  • Does she take cream in her coffee? My wife does so I had a load now and then with coffeemate then when she wakes up I add coffee stir it up and serve.

  • That's a GREAT idea. Thanks!

  • I have several nudes of her 30 year old daughter.

  • Oh do share!!

  • How many fat pussies I’ve fucked in my life. And that of all the fat pussies I’ve fucked hers is easily the fattest.

  • Is that something you’re proud of?

  • That I use her panties from the hamper for beat-off rags while she's at work, and that my favorite spot to do this is at our kitchen table totally naked watching porn videos on my cellphone.

  • That I stick a dildo up my ass.

  • Me to and fuck my ass till I cum.

  • About fucking around with my hot horny cousin.

  • That I walk around our neighborhood totally naked in the middle of the night when she's out of town on a business trip.

  • That I frequent adult bookstores for glory holes blowjobs

  • That her dad and I have been lovers since she had us meet the night before the wedding.

  • That I've been fucking her best friend Shelley (also married) for the past five years.

  • I had sex with her sister.

  • How bad I want to watch a group of hung guys gangbang her!

  • I think about that, too. My wife is a real prick-tease and I see guys checking her out all the time. ESPECIALLY at the pool in the summertime in her HOT one-piece.

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