Crazy lesbian roommate

Went I advertised for a roommate to help with the rent on my two bedroom apartment back when I was in college, I expected anyone who applied would be guys.
I did get two guys, but I also got this absolutely gorgeous 20 year old woman, who wanted the room badly. She also told me it would not be a problem because she was into girls, so there would be nothing going on, ever!
A bit harsh about it, but what the hell, I rented to her, got her name on the lease.
That woman had zero modesty, she did not care one bit if I saw her naked, she wouldn't even close the door in the bathroom.
Sounds strange but after just a couple of days, I got used to it and paid no attention, so we were like an old married couple, just no real relationship.
Then one day she had a falling out with some gal she was dating, and went out and got completely and totally falling down drunk.
I rescued her, got her in bed, she was trying to seduce me, claiming she was done with girls forever. But I refused, finally got her asleep. The next day, she came into my room, stark naked, and climbed into my bed. She told me she was sober now, and wanted to try it with a guy, so..? I obliged. She was one good roll in the hay, I will say that. It lasted until the end of the semester, she moved out and in with her new girlfriend. I have always suspected she was not a true lesbian, and I think I proved that. I think so, anyway, helps my ego.

11 months ago

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