Watching a female classmate getting a spanking

When I was in 7th or 8th grade I was hanging out at my best friend's house in town in the Midwest. We were going to go sledding and cut through their neighbor's yard across the street, when I heard a girl from our class, Michelle, crying and begging through the basement window. My friend and I snuck up to the window to see what was going on, we were hidden from the street by bushes.
Michelle's mom was scolding her and telling her to get her pants down this instant. She was crying more and wasn't lowering them fast enough for her mom so her mom slapped her hands away and unbuttoned and lowered her pants for her, underwear came next, I couldn't believe what I was getting to watch! Her mom then pulled her over her lap, getting her positioned where she wanted her. She picked up her hairbrush, scolding Michelle about how disappointed she was in her grades.
Her mom told her that she was going to blister her behind so that she couldn't sit for a week. She gripped Michelle's waist and raised the brush, and went to work on her bottom. Michelle started howling, crying and pleading with her mom, but her mom kept spanking. Her bottom grew more red by the second, she tried to reach back and block the painful swats, but her mom pinned her hand to her back and started spanking harder, scolding her the whole time.
The whole spanking lasted about 15 minutes and resulted in a very red bottom for my classmate. I can still remember the way her bottom wiggled as she kicked her legs from the smacks like it happened yesterday.
After her mom let her up, she made her stand in the corner of the room with her pants and panties still around her ankles, she shuffled to the corner rubbing her sore bottom on the way.
Her mom then grabbed the chair and moved it back to its original position, glancing at the window that my friend and I were at, but didn't see us, thank goodness. If she had seen us, I'm positive that she would have spanked us both over her knees, bare bottomed, in front of Michelle, since we watched her get hers.
I have fantasized about what would have happened if she had for over 40 years now, and secretly wish that she had!

1.1 years ago

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    • My husband spanks me when I need it (or pretend to because it's a turn on for both of us). It's never violent and it's usually over his knees where I'm mostly dressed but it's skirt up and panties down. Around 5 - 10 slaps that sting but do not linger. I can feel him getting hard when I'm across his lap and he's preparing me. I always thank him afterwards and we have some form of sex. I'll often blow him but sometimes we do it doggy across a table.

    • 15 minutes of hard spanking is excessive and is probably abuse. I'm female, 40, and my dad used to spank me but stopped when I was around 13 and starting to get some shape. It was always over his knee, bare bottomed, and only around 5 or 6 slaps. It would sting but it was over within a minute or so. Strange, but when the spankings stopped I sort of missed them. To be honest, it was a bit of a turn on that he could see my naked bottom and I would wonder if he was excited over it. Lucky for me, my husband likes to spank me if I do something wrong, usually intentionally, so now I get the stinging bottom and sex afterwards.

    • I think your dad gave up spanking you too soon. Especially when you got to be 14 or 15, your upturned bare bottom would've been so inviting of a good, sound spanking, along with no small amount of rubbing. Spanking and spanking and more spanking...ooh, and rubbing.

      As a naughty teenager, you definitely needed to be taught a lesson. You should've been soundly spanked (more like 25-30 spanks instead of just 5 or 6), and then stood in the corner with your full, round, rosy red backside on shameful display. Oh my, yes. Tsk tsk tsk.

    • With my husband it's more than the five or six, it maybe around 20 but it's our foreplay. Some form of sex always follows. With my dad I believe that it was just a mild, quick punishment and that as I was obviously getting older and some teen shape that he stopped in case it was thought to be pervy. If anything, it was me that was pervy wondering what he was thinking when he saw my bum and pussy. I never undressed for him and he never saw my (small) boobs. Mum never spanked me, she always got dad to do it. Obviously mum knew about it so maybe it was her that stopped him?

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