Honey roasted

I(m) was 27 and date(f) was 25. She was a not long divorced mom of one. We had dinner out and went back to her place to watch a movie. Well, we started kissing , then groping. After feeling of her breasts and legs for anfew minutes, shenstood up and droppeed her dress. She sat back down and i frowned at her bra. She smiled and unhooked it. I was already getting hard and now her c cups made me rock hard. I played with her tits, licking sucking pinching... bit she wouldnt let me touch her pussy. I said wait a minute. I went in the kitchen to look for something to rub on her tits. I had read about chocolate on tits and i wanted it. I didnt find any chocolate but i did find honey... i went back and she asked what i was doing i put a drop on my finger and she sexily licked it off when i offered it to her. I then pored the honey on one of her breasts and she smiled. I loved licking and sucking that tit and did the other one too. Somewhere in the middle of suckingnthe second tit she slid a hand down and started masturbating. After reapplying honey and about 10 minutes she came with a scream! She still wouldnt let me touch her pussy so i asked her to lie on her stomach. I fucked her ass crack for a couple minutes before she reached around and jerked me off on her back. Fuck i came hard. I cleaned it up and we kissed for a while before i went home.

3 months ago

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