Bunk Bed Rocking

Over the weekend myself, my brother, and my father went on a camping trip. We had a great time fishing, hiking, and just enjoying our time away from home. After the weekend is over, we all packed up the car to head home. My brother got in the front seat and me in the back seat. Since we finished our last swim, the only thing we had on were towels since we didn't want to get the car wet. Our father was ok with us only wearing towels since it was a short trip home. He started the car and turned to us with a smile. He told us that he has a surprise for us. He reached over under the dash and flipped a switch. All of sudden the car jerked a little from side to side and then started bouncing up and down. He rigged the car with motors to shake the car for fun. I don't know what was happening with my brother but I instantly got a boner due to the shaking of the car and with only a towel on, it was impossible to keep my boner under the towel. Then the worst thing happened, our dad told us that he needs to stop at the store to pick up something. With the car still running and shaking, our dad got out and headed to the store. I told my brother that this is crazy and to flip the switch. He looked around and couldn't find it the switch so he gave up and we sat there ignoring the looks we were receiving from others. Finally dad got back in and continued to head home. We finally made it in the garage and mom came out to see what was happening. She laughed and asked if we enjoyed our ride home as though she knew the surprise. We both got out and we couldn't hide our fun.

11 months ago

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    • What?

    • It was wild how he did it and really cool.

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