My parent's neighbor doesn't know that he is raising my kid

During the summer before I went to college, I had a steamy 2 month affair with a neighbor's gorgeous 24yo housewife. She and her husband lived down the street from my parents. It all started when I mowed her lawn for a fee. I went into her house to get payment. When she came out she only had a robe on. After getting payment, she asked me to stay awhile and chat because she was bored/lonely. We chatted for much of the afternoon and I found out many details about her and her husband. Although they were a well off couple and they had been arguing lately. He spends too much time working outside the home and she wanted a baby. After a while It became obvious that she was trying to seduce me. I relented and she took off her robe revealing a beautiful body.

She gave me really good head and within minutes we were in their bedroom and I was inside her. We went at it for some time and as I was about to cum she instinctively wrapped her legs around my hips locking me in place. Without hesitation we held each other tight, as I emptied all the contents of my balls as deep inside her as I could. It was the best feeling I have ever felt. After we climaxed, we laid in this position for a while just embracing each other.

For the next 2 months she and I went at it like rabbits. We never used protection and we did everything. Doggy style, missionary, oral, standing up, laying down, on the kitchen table, on the coach, leaning on a wall, on the carpet, ect. You name it, we probably did it. It was the best time of my life.

At the end of the summer, as I was getting ready to go to college, she told me she was pregnant. We discussed what we were going to do. She said she had sabotaged one of the condoms while having sex with her husband and he's convince he got her pregnant that way. It worked, as 8 months later she gave birth to a baby girl and he was ecstatic.

He never suspected anything and they have been a happy family since. The best part is I still pay her a "visit" every now and then. Lately, she's been talking about wanting another baby...

2 months ago

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    • I needed a push to get married, 27 and single. Linda was crazy about me and me her. But I had a couple of FWB, a couple too many. I didn't want to give up that life. I gave it a month to knock her up or set her free. She was only too happy to let me cum in her pussy. It was some of the best sex ever, bare back and trying to knock her up. Saw a bride when I was 16 who had a beach ball belly, thought that was so cool. Maybe that's what I needed, a thoroughly knocked up Linda all dressed in white. Well she got her period, I set her free. The one that got away. A year later I knocked up Amy (and she was ah fuck, I'm preggers) , and we go down the aisle 8 months pregnant, all dressed in white, beach ball belly.

    • It is really amazing how often this happens. I've read that they paternity of something over 25% of the population is not what's shown on the birth certificate . I don't say that to negate or diminish your relationship here AT ALL . . . . quite the contrary: I think what you did and are continuing to do with this woman is truly, truly extraordinary! It has been and remains a selfless act of love and compassion. We don't see that level of caring in the world very often. I hope you will maintain your relationship with her and continue to fill her needs and fill her womb. It's a beautiful, wonderful story and a beautiful, wonderful relationship. Please keep her happy (and pregnant), even if you eventually marry someone else. Thanks for sharing this very romantic news with us, and PLEASE keep us posted on ALL the progress!

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