The Attendants

I was 50 at the time and retired early. To keep myself busy I have a breakfast attendant job at a high-end hotel chain. I really enjoy this job especially the discount for rooms when I travel.

The General Manager hired a dining room attendant just out of high school. She had long red hair, light complexed, freckles, skinny, tall about 5’10”, braces, and very small breasts maybe an A cup. To me she was a cutie. Now I am 6’4”, athletic built, maybe 190 pounds, a runner and swimmer.

It had been a month or so we got to know each other very well. We had extra duties as well like cleaning the common areas as well as the rest rooms. The thing I had taught her was to get the breakfast buffet ready and dining room cleaned and ready for the guests. Have this completed about 15 to 20 minutes before we opened the doors. During this time, we clean the restrooms get back just in time to open the doors.

We had been on a couple of friendly dates I guess you call them. Going out to dinner and a movie. We had flirted a lot with each other nothing too serious yet. I’d grab her nice firm ass occasionally squeezing it a bit. Then whispering Mr. Lucas going to get that one day. She’d giggle grab my crotch and squeeze this young girl will tear you up old man.

One day she came in wearing a short black skirt with a white blouse. The new uniform the company had went to for the dining room attendants. Damn she was looking a bit hot to say the least. This silly girl didn’t even wear a bra. Her nipples hard against her blouse.

We were doing our normal routine and off to the restrooms to clean. We were ahead of our schedule we had set for ourselves. I came out of a stall and was startled a bit. Claire stood by a urinal staring at the damn thing. I go hey what are you doing in here girl. I got the women’s restroom done and wanted to ask you a question.

She came up to me her arms went around my neck our lips touched her tongue went in my mouth and automatically I started sucking it hard. My hand went down her back lifted her skirt a bit feeling that fine ass. Then I slid a finger under her panties rubbing her wet slit. She moaned and I felt her hand squeeze my ever-growing cock.

She spread her legs a bit inviting my finger into to her ever so sight wet pussy. She pushed back on it slowly I began fingering her. She unzipped my trousers reaching in grabbing my cock. She looked up at me smiling bringing it out. She looked down and screamed Mr. Lucas you have a porn dick! Shh be quiet folks will hear you.

She went down to her knees grabbing my hard cock in her hands. Kissing the head and sucking on the large mushroom head. My hands went to the back of her head my pelvis went forward. She gagged and began bobbing her head back and forth. Slurping sucking at the same time. I began fucking her mouth slowly then faster.

She was moaning then reaching around my ass pushing it and taking more of my cock. She then reached grabbing my large balls then massaging them at the same time. She took all my cock down her throat blowing and sucking. I reached down pulling her up to me. I looked into her eyes then picked her up sitting her on the cabinet. Moving her panties aside and poking my cock head in and out of her virgin tight hole stretching it each time. Easing my cock inside her slowly she wrapped her arms around my neck.

I went deeper into to her wet dripping pussy she wrapped her legs around my waist. I lifted her off the cabinet slowly she began riding my long cock up and down. I grabbed her ass cheeks spreading them. I played with her tight ass bud slipping a finger in her to the first knuckle. Her head tilted back she was pumping my long thick cock harder and faster. She was having an orgasm. Then ramming my finger up her ass, she screeched I began shooting a hot load of cum in her then another string. She was pumping me faster working my cock faster my finger up in her ass. She suddenly went limp draping her head over my shoulder. She began kissing my neck gently. Saying Mr. Lucas that’s the best fucking I’ve ever had.

We looked at the time about 10 more minutes we had to open. We scrambled around got ourselves put back together. I kissed her just before we left. I could see it in her eyes this wasn’t over. I whispered to her come over to my place for the weekend. This is to continue..

11 months ago

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    • Nice…
      I use to fuck my this sexy short haired blonde in the restroom all the time…
      She go to the restroom at the bar or restaurant we were at and I would walk into the stall …
      It was great…

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