I want my younger cousin badly

Shes in her early 20s, cute, tiny, blonde, with deep blue eyes. Christian, loves animals, sweet and kind. She's basically an angel. I've had secret desires for her for years now. Most girls who look like that are shallow and stuck up. Not her. I love her personality and her body. We've been close friends on and off, as life and situations change. Today I saw her for the first time in a year at Thanksgiving. We chatted, we bonded. I snuck my fair share of peaks. TBH I'd straight up marry her. Her loser bf of 5 years recently left her. I'm going to friend her on social media, again. Even tho I know I don't stand any chance of banging, it's still nice to have her around. I'd actually feel comfortable confiding in her, under the right circumstances. She's legal and most of the family treats me like shit anyway, so I'd have nothing to lose. But I wouldn't want to hurt her. I don't see my feelings ever changing. I want a girl like her. I want her.

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