A change in the wind

So my wife and I have been married for 20 years. I’m 48. She is 51. We have two kids that are both out of the house. I have been working 3rd shift for the last 10 years. I could have easily gone to days but nights are more relaxed. None of the high ups want to be there all night.

So about 3 months ago, it was the weekend and the wife was feeling frisky. We were both on the couch watching a movie. She reached over and started playing with my cock. Then she leaned over and started sucking it. Then she stopped. I said, “Dang it! You know I hate it when you just stop like that.” She stood up and took off her tshirt, which was the only thing she was wearing. She got in my lap facing me and started to ride my cock.

Then she hit me with it. She said, “So the kids are out of the house and we have it all to ourselves. Well on the weekends. During the week I’m by myself.” I said, “I thought you’d be all psyched to have the house to yourself finally.” She said, “I’ve been thinking and I want to start doing something we don’t normally do…like sexually.” I said, “Oh yeah? Like what?” She said, “I want a boyfriend…or a girlfriend.” I said, “You want to cheat on me?” She said, “If you have to be a dick about it, technically yeah. I wouldn’t call it cheating since you will know about it. It’s more like swinging.” I didn’t say anything. Mainly because she was riding me so good.

She said, “I’m horny and home alone all week. I want someone to come over and fuck me a couple times a week. I’ve been masturbating like crazy and it’s not enough.” I said, “So you don’t mind if it’s a girl or a guy?” She said, “If it’s a girl, she will be my girlfriend. Like real girlfriend. If it’s a guy it will just be come over, fuck me and hit the road. Which one sounds better to you?” I said, “Will I get to watch?” She said, “Not all the time but sure.” I said, “Which one sounds better to you?” She said, “I kinda want to try out the lesbian side.” I said, “Got someone in mind?” She said, “Promise you won’t get mad?” I said, “You have already done it?” She said, “Yep. For a while now.”

11 months ago


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    • Well, if she has to be a cunt about it, technically, you could find yourself a sissy to ride, or maybe a wide open pussy, like her's !

    • I bet she's already done it with a guy fora while now too. You should let her, but also fuck all of her friends since you're bored too.

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