Getting even

Age: 51
Height: 5’5’’
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Body: Athletic, firm round Butt, Tanned, Shaved from the neck down,
Measurements: Firm natural 36C 29 37
Breasts: firm with dollar sized brown areolas with eraser sized nipples.
Personality: Bitchy insecure slut bigot. She presents herself as private, modest and conservative Christian. She thinks that she’s smarter than everyone but as anyone who thinks that way they usually aren’t. She has no tolerance for blacks or Mexicans. She thinks they are all lowlifes and well below her. I discovered that she was cheating on me so I devised a plan to get even. Here’s how it started.
Back Surgery
Kimberlee had extensive back surgery. As she recovered, I took very good care of her helping her in and out of bed, feeding her and helping her shower. They gave her pain medication and sleep aids among other medication. As she recovered enough to get back to 80% normal, I discovered a few things. When she took the pain medication, she acted a bit spacy but carried on a conversation. I would say it was a normal conversation but while she was on her meds she was brutally honest. The problem was she remembered nothing from about 45 minutes after she took the medication and that lack of recall lasted about 7 hours and the medication made her very cooperative.
As I said she was brutally honest. In one such conversation she confessed that the day before she was driving home and the man in the car next to her was staring at her. She was pissed that he was and she told me that she gave him something to look at by flashing her tits.
At first, I thought she was kidding me but then I experimented. The first experiment was me fucking her in the ass which she doesn’t normally let me do without a lot of coercing. She complained about being sore the next morning but had ‘no idea why.’
That weekend I had to fly to NY on family business. I called Kimberlee that evening and learned that she had just taken her medication and was on her way to bed. I talked to her until I was sure the medication had kicked in then asked her what she was wearing. Her reply was “I’m in bed! I’m not wearing anything!” “Good! Go to the back yard and talk to me by the pool.” I replied. She told me she was tired and wanted to stay in bed but I talked her into going to our back yard naked. This was not a big deal for her because she has been naked in our pool many times. We talked for a while before I suggested that she go out the side gate to the street knowing the full effect of the medication had taken control. I could hear the gate latch open and then the gate close behind her. I asked where she was and she told me she was by the street at the curb. It was 11 o’clock so although light, there was still traffic in the area. I told her to let me know if any cars passed her.
Our house was three houses from the corner. At that corner and across the street was a grammar school yard to the right and to the left a block away was the main road with considerable traffic. “Walk to the corner and let me know when your there!” I directed. A few minutes later a very naked Kimberlee announced “I’m at the corner!” “Any traffic?” I asked. “Yes, two cars just past me!” “Did they see you?” “One honked!” she told me. “Go Home and go to bed!” I ordered. The next morning, she had no recollection of her hike to the corner or her admirer.
That next Friday I was home. More experimenting. After she took the medication and went to bed, I waited about an hour watching TV. I woke Kimberlee and told her to get up that we were going for a ride. She protested as I put a summer dress on her that buttoned all the way down the front. Shoeless I walked her to her minivan and helped her in the passenger seat. I reclined the seat as far as it would go and put on her seatbelt. I drove toward the highway.
I have suggested that Kimberlee flash guys but she was adamant that “it will never happen!” We will see I thought. As we drove and stopped at a traffic light, she laid quietly in the seat with her eyes closed, I opened two top buttons on her dress revealing her to the top of her stomach had displaying significant cleavage and wait for her reaction. Not receiving any protest at the next light, I unbuttoned a few more at the bottom of her dress until the only thing holding her dress closed was a single button by her belly button.
As we entered the highway, I told Kimberlee to put her feet on the dash board. She did without question as I unbuttoned the final button allowing her dress to fall open exposing her whole body. Once exposed I told her to spread her legs keeping her feet on the dashboard. Once again, she followed my instructions by spreading her feet and letting her knees fall to their respective side. She was now fully exposed and legs spread to the point that I could see her pink.
I saw a semi up ahead and accelerated to catch up. As I pulled alone side of him, I put my hand over the dome light and turned it on. I moved my hand slowly away from the light so that the sudden brightness didn’t wake Kimberlee. Her body was now fully illuminated and her legs spread wide as I pulled alongside the cab. I matched his speed and allowed him a good look at her nakedness. I knew that If she awoke that she would be pissed, humiliated and there would be a big fight and I would be in big trouble. That excited me and turned me on even more. None of this seemed to affect her. She would answer my questions and do what I told her to do without protest. I repeated the truck approach about a half dozen different truckers.

This was getting boring so I decided to see if I could find a guy walking down the street to get up-close and personal. I exited the highway in an area known for adult book stores. There are always guys there at this time of night.
It was almost 1am as I exited the highway. I quickly spotted a 30 something guy walking down the road. This stretch of road had no street light and was very dark. Seeing that there was no place for him to go but straight ahead I pulled off about a hundred feet ahead of him. When he got to about 30 feet off the back bumper, I opened Kimberlee’s window and turned on the dome light.
There she was naked, spread and illuminated for him to easily see. This time I knew the sudden light would not bother her. Seeing a naked woman, he slowed as he approached. When he was almost next to the door, I called to him. He stopped right next to Kimberlee and stared at her nakedness for a moment. “She does have a body built for sex.” I observed. “Yeah?” he agreed. “Need a ride? Looks like a long walk!” “Sure!” he said hesitantly. I pushed the button to open the door behind Kimberlee and he climbed in. Her head was practically in his lap as I closed the door. I looked at him I the rearview and he was staring at Kimberlee’s big tits. “Like what you see?” I asked. “Yeah! She looks hot!” he said. “Feel free to play with her! She’s out cold!” I allowed. I watched as he kneaded her big tits and leaning forward rubbed and fingered her pussy. Kimberlee moaned as he played. A few minutes later we arrived at his destination. As he got out, he thanked me for the ride and letting him play with my wife.
Still not feeling the revenge I drove off and found an apartment complex. As I pulled in the drive there was 4 black guys standing by the drive. I found that it was a predominantly a black neighborhood. I parked the car and walked around to let Kimberlee out of the car. She stepped out still naked. I took her hand and led her down a walkway between the buildings as the 4 guys watched. I passed an open window where and older black man was watching TV. From his angle he could easily see out the window. I stopped and presented Kimberlee to him getting his attention then bent her over so he could see her ass and pussy. Turning her profile to him I bent her over and fucked her from behind while he watched her tits bounce as she orgasmed while he jacked himself. If she knew that black guys saw her naked, she would be pissed let alone seeing her getting fucked and orgasming.
Once again, the next morning she had no recollection of the previous night. I knew that I could have her do whatever I wanted and she would never know. The revenge continues.

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