Daughter in law sister

So I went to my sons and daughters in law house . Her sister staying with her she 32 hot latina . Well I'm in the back chilling notice she ain't come out . About ten minutes later I'm chilling drinking a beer here she comes out . Obviously she was in the shower her hairs wet she got some grey tights on and her muff is eating them up. I am sitting and got a perfect view she about 7 feet from me talking to my wife. My wife back is to me as I look up she staring right at me I was oh shit just got caught. She smiles and gives me a little hand wave . She keeps talking but doesn't move so I say fuck it another look I keep staring as my wife talking a storm up and look up slowing and she just smiles like look free fucking time of my crotch. My cock starts getting hard and do a quick sit up pull pants down a little she smiles let's out a giggle my wife says I say something funny. She was like no just thinking of something. Well as time goes by I got to take a piss put someone using the down stairs restroom. Well she sees me waiting and says you can use the one upstairs no ones in there. I go up and her clothes are still in there from when she showered on top of the vanity. Well me being the perv I get her underwear and smell them her crotch has some dried up discharge and I lick it a few time my cock rock hard . I lick it so much the crotch is wet now. I put everything how it was and go down stairs about 5 minutes I see her go upstairs. She comes down and out the back everyone mingling comes up to me and says how do I taste. I was speechless she ask again how I taste and I said delicious. She looks at me a says maybe one day I will let you have the real thing. My head almost exploded. I keep waiting for the right time.

11 months ago

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