Is it just me or...

...or does every guy get horny af when they smoke pot? Me, I get horny af. I think about pussy, dick, licking ass, sucking balls, fucking pussy, getting fucked in the ass, big dicks, small dicks, just the thought of a dick makes my mouth water when I'm high. I've eaten a lot of pussy and ass while high but still need to swallow that dick. Is it just me or does everybody get like this when they're stoned?

26 days ago

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    • It sure helps break down inhibitions. They have strains now that supposedly encourage and enhance sex. I'm betting it's some strain of indica.

    • That's why God created weed. If Adam and Eve hadn't fucked around with eating that apple we'd all be bitchin' mellow !

    • Nope get the munchies though.

    • Yeah, me too. Not just you.

      Can I suck your cock?

    • Oh, I finally got to suck a dick high! I deep throated a thick, sturdy 6 inches Friday night...oh my god, it was amazing, I tried to choke myself on that dick.

    • Maybe. Where are you?

    • Are you sure it's not crystal meth you're smoking?

    • Yep. I only smoke pot, and for years, no matter where I get the pot, what strain it may be, I always get horny af when I smoke pot.

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