Teaching my sis

When I was a teenager I became infatuated with my 4 years younger sister as she grew into her body. I went into her room to wake her up one day and she was on her bed wearing panties and a t-shirt with her legs parted. I could clearly see wisps of blonde pubic hair peeking out the side of her cotton blue panties. I had never even considered to think of her sexually before, but as soon as I got that glance at her sleeping she became my jerk off fantasy.
From that point forward I wanted to see her naked and got so horny thinking of it. We started spending a bit more time together. When she would get back from ballet lessons, she would complain about her leg and foot cramps. One day I asked her if she wanted a massage, and she said yes. I told her to meet me in her room ten minutes later, and that she should be wearing just some comfy, relatively short shorts because the oil I used would stain her clothes.
When I got to her room she was wearing basketball shorts, and she said she didn't have any other clothes she could risk getting massage oil on. I told her they would be in the way and she could just wear her panties instead, trying to be casual as my dick throbbed. She slid the shorts off and sat down on her bed and asked what comes next.
I had her lie down on her front side and started to rub oil on her legs, starting at her ankles and feet, and slowly moving up. Once I got to her thighs, I sat on the back of her calves, and rubbed her from on top of her, staring at her panty-clad ass. Eventually I had to ask her to spread her legs apart so I could get the insides of her legs. She did as I asked and I rubbed further up her thighs. The new position she was in gave me a better view of her panties, and I saw some more blonde pubic hairs poking out. I rubbed the oil up to about an inch below her panty line, then rolled her over and did the same thing from the front.
She had a towel over her eyes, but if she didn't she would have seen my erect penis bulging from my sweatpants two feet from her face. when she was on her back i had her bend her legs at the knee and lay them across my lap to massage them. This allowed me to maneuver her position easily and gave me close-up looks at those blue panties, slightly shifted to the side, showing a decent amount of her puffy lip covered in wispy hair. At one point, I was massaging her with one hand on her inner thigh and I had pulled my sweats down and held my aching dick. I put it back before things got messy, though. As I ran out of skin to rub oil into I started cleaning up and dropped a big glob of oil right onto her panties, then immediately acted like it was an accident. I grabbed a hand towel by her side and rubbed it between her legs and on her mound to wipe the oil off.
She had removed the towel over her eyes and laughed as she saw the mess on her underwear. I adjusted my sitting position to hide my hard cock from her. She reached to her panties and grabbed the crotch strap to feel how wet it was. I saw her perfect little pussy for the first time, but just for a moment. Since the panties were ruined I told my little sister I could use them as an oil rag. She told me I could have them and didn't bat an eye about anything. As I was walking out of her room she handed me her panties. Her shirt covered her to mid thigh, but the thought of her taking her panties off right there made me horny.
I went back to my room and sniffed her panties as I jerked myself off fantasizing about pulling her panties down as I massaged her. I came in about twenty seconds, took another whiff of her panties and hid them under my mattress. I still wasn't relieved. I lay there thinking about touching her legs for about an hour, then was walking to the bathroom and noticed her door wasn't closed. She was in bed asleep with a thin comforter completely covering her. Because the moon was nearly full the lighting wasn't terrible in her room. She had always been a heavy sleeper. I walked in and sat on her mattress and tapped to see if she was awake.
Once I confirmed she was asleep I pulled her blanket aside to find he lying on her side, arms around her knees in the small spoon position. She never put different panties on after she gave me the blue ones! From behind I had a better view of her opening. I brazenly put my finger on her and rubbed ever so softly. After a few rubs, she got a little wet and after a couple minutes i was able to get my finger inside her pussy. I jacked off again before I did anything even crazier, covered her up and left her room.
About a week later, on a night my parents had an event, my sister and I had planned to watch a movie in the den at 8:00. At about 7:45 I took my pants off and sat against my headboard on my bed facing the door. I knew she would check to see where I was at 8, and I left my bedroom door cracked open. It was my turn to be exposed. Sure enough, fifteen minutes later I heard her call my name as she walked towards my room down the hall and pushed the door open to find me with my cock in my hand pretending to be surprised and embarrassed. She had walked away, so after I put some pants on I followed her and said I was sorry. When she asked what I was doing I told her that it won't go down until I jerk it.
My dick was still prominently tenting from my pants. She glanced at it and asked if it hurts. I had to carefully explain the logistics to her without making it obvious that I was horny because of her. I said it doesn't hurt, just aches. I then pulled down my sweats and grabbed my 7.5 inch penis and slowly jerked it. She just looked at me and softly asked if I was mad at her. I told her of course not and reached over to hug her. my cock poked her right in the belly as I rubbed the back of her head then dramatically planted a kiss on her forehead, her nose, then a soft brush on her lips.
She asked me if girls have to do it too, and I asked what she meant. She naively told me that sometimes it feels good when her crotch is touched and how she had put a pillow between her legs to make herself feel good. I told her girls do it too, but it's a little different. I asked her if she felt that feeling right now, and she shook her head yes. I told her I could help her out a little if she wanted, but wasn't pushy. She asked me what she needed to do and I told her to put on her white cotton panties and a t-shirt and come to my room.
When she got up on my bed and sat down I showed her a couple quick anatomy pictures on my computer to maintain my motives for this whole charade, and gently explained to her that her fingers were of better use than her pillow for her. She asked me to show her. I pulled the crotch of her panties aside and slid my finger up and down her slit, moistening her virgin snatch, and paying extra attention to her clitoris. I then pulled her panties all the way off and she sat wide open to me, spread eagle and quietly panting with her eyes half closed. After a couple minutes I eased a finger into her and played with her delicate little flower. Soon she was completely wet and I eventually got another finger inside her. As I pulled my fingers in and out of her i put my head down and licked her clit, gently touching it with my lips and teeth. I could tell she was about to have her first orgasm.
She gasped out and her eyes opened wide as she buckled in ecstasy as she felt her first climax. I kept eating her out until she came again and her inner lips of her pussy poked out of her young flower. I gave her her panties back to her and asked how she felt. She told me she was great but pointed at my boner. She told me she could try to help if I wanted. I said she could put her mouth on me, but only If she wanted to. She positioned herself in front of me and i leaned back. She put her hand on my penis and lowered her mouth onto me. I resisted the urge to see how deep she could take me and instead just felt her hot mouth on my cock and felt her fingers playing with my balls. I told her I was going to come and pulled my cock from her mouth and told her to tug at it. She grabbed me with both hands and tugged about four times while I pulled her shirt over her head and came in ropes all over her cute little tits. She was caught off guard and I apologized but she just said she promised it was okay.
She asked me to please keep this secret and I was relieved. I agreed no one else could know I showed her what to do. As she sat there, she was still fully exposed, with her blonde little bush on display around her pink, swollen slit and plump lips. My dick reacted again and was growing right in front of her eyes. She asked why it was doing it again, and if she did it wrong. I explained there are other ways to do it, too. After I was done she pointed at my fully hard boner and seemed shocked that something that big would fit inside a girl. She looked up at me and asked if I needed to try it this way to fix my issue. I told her I would be fine but she insisted she owed me, and I finally agreed. This was exactly what I wanted, but much more than I ever thought would happen. I was trying to keep it together.
I began to finger from behind as she sat on my lap facing me, my penis resting on her belly. After she was well lubricated again I put the tip of my penis at her little entrance and told her this might hurt a little but I'd take it slow. It took a few minutes to get past her tight threshold, and she moaned deeply as I pulled her all the way down on my cock. I kissed her again, this time with tongue. She opened her mouth to me as I grabbed her ass and she began to gyrate her hips and fuck me slowly. She leaned her head back, and i licked and nibbled at her nipples as I felt her buckle and gasp with orgasm. I flipped her onto her back put my dick inside her mouth and came again as soon as I felt her tongue on me. She swallowed my cum without asking.


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