Our boys wrestling in school and Tony use to wrestle with his brother all the time. My wife is only 5 foot and 110 lbs and i watched her wrestling one day on living room floor with him.
I got alittle concerned when i saw him pumping his hips as he was trying to pin her she rolled and was able to break free straddling him it looked sexual and Tony was just in boxers and
She was in t shirt an panties.His underwear was had almost slide off his butt I didn’t think so but i bit my tongue and said nothing. During wrestling season the wreastle all the time.So one day i had to go to work after a tournament. It was evening and i left thinking about how the same thing last week when I didn’t work they end up playing around wrestling Both boys were at it when I walked out I was driving to work and curiosity got to me on how the wrestling went when I wasn’t home.I call in said i would be late and snuck back home and peaked in window.Sure enough they were all wrestling but Cindy was still in her Jeans.Both boys were wrestling with her. Soon she stopped and the boys wrestled with each other.
She cane back a few minutes later and had took off her jeans and had on one of my t shirts.
She sent youngest to shower next thing Tony was wrestling her She was on her backed and leg locked him. And he was bucking like i had said and her legs around his hips Then she kept pumping her legs like she was trying to get out of a pin and the move slide his pants and underwear down some bared his butt. She rolled over overpowering him which she still is stronger than him and was stradling him i could see for the long t shirt but he was bucking and laughing like he was trying to get free she was rocking up and down looking at him smiling saying come on get freeIf you saw a video you would think what i was She just kept rocking up and down and i was getting turned on not because of her riding our son but from just how sexy she looked in my t shirt .This went on till his little brother came in from shower.
They stopped and Tony went to take his shower.Cindy went to our bedroom amso I hurried around house and she got on bed and started masturbating.It dawned on me later she had not panties on when she started.

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  • Its hard to believe but some women do this stuff. It probably comes from immaturity on the mothers part or her being abused when she was younger.
    I use to be babysit by neighbor Mom would take me over and go to work. Now she never touched me but would undress wear lace panties in front of me. She would sit on couch by me and masturbate.At time i liked watching her but years later I realized she was being a perv.

  • I use to wrestle with my mum after a few sessions we both knew but didn't say it was an excuse for me to grope her and on some occasions strip her she relaxed with her legs wide while I playing with her

  • It's basically foreplay for sex

  • Seriously?

  • My mom and I wrestle naked. It doesn't take long for me to pin her, then I fuck her right there on the mat.

  • Lovely

  • This is very common
    I k ew someone whos mom did something similar. She never let him see her nakedness
    But would in a dress , skirt or T-shirt fuck him.

  • What is it about women and boys.
    My first wife use to be all flirting when our son had his friends over.
    I sware she would of fucked one or maybe did
    Who knows.
    I seriously would watch her be in her underwear if they were over sure sometimes she dressed like that when the was not but she would have this flirting look and act when they were around.

  • I was a friend of your son who used to fuck your first wife. She was so sexy that I would cum real fast. I would fuck her 3 times before I could last 15-20 minutes. Your ex-wife would still cum a half dozen times. All this happened in an hour.

  • The pleasure parts were ready no pants open and ready fanny

  • Sounds like foreplay to me

  • My wife told me something one time this reminds me if it.
    Her brother was the same way
    Something about middle school wrestling
    He pinned her and humped her til her panties slide down. She said he came in the crack of her ass then was embarrassed.

  • I was the same with my sister, we would play fight loads and I was always hard as a rock! I've always wanted to fuck my sister even now we're older the desire is still there!

  • Why dont they just get on with it, its obviously going to happen she didn't have any knickers on so it was open and ready to be penertrated

  • Probably has happened at one point or another

  • And so it should!

  • You must be very proud of Cindy? You must not stop this from happening and even encourage them both

  • Damn, that's got to be more common than I thought. Pics? Lol

  • Yep
    I watched my son wrestle his sister fully dressed and he started humping her ass and and i stoped him.

  • Why stop him? Was your daughter not enjoying it?

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