Crossdresser and her fantasy

Hi everyone my name is Cassie I am from Lakeland fl.i am a bottom only crossdresser and I had a fantasy of getting pimped out for a day and I have this friend and he that he would love to set something up so I rd him please do so it's been a couple of weeks but he called me yesterday and told me it was a goso got dress up low cut top pink bra and thongs black thought highs black mini skirt and painted nails high heels he pick me up and went to the motel. In Tampa FL . gave me 6 room numbers and I went to each and everyone of suck cock and got fucked to after that we went to another motel and 6 more room number by time I was done I was so sore. But had made a lot of money I mean a lot of money business men pay a lot to fuck a crossdresser I loved every minute of it I goi u to do it again very soon

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  • Wait. Are you Cassieluvs? If so then I've fucked you upstairs at TLS, and with a crowd watching no less! You have the most incredibly sexy legs and ass! I'm 99% bottom, but couldn't pass up the chance to take a turn with you. I'm so glad I did! I doubt you remember me specifically, but you were amazing. I normally don't stay hard when I try to top a guy but gurl, as soon as I touched your perfect little ass I was hard as a stone and needed to get inside you.

    I ran my hands all over your body while I fucked you, and couldn't believe how smooth your skin is. Your back and ass were flawless. The lighting wasn't great, and at one point I started to wonder if you were a t-gurl or a biological woman, so I briefly reached down to check and found a lovely cock.

    I knew I wasn't going to last long, so I leaned over and between thrusts whispered "your ass... feels... so good!" You moaned, and that did it for me, but what really pushed me over the edge was when I wrapped my arms around your thin, seemingly delicate body. It was the most "top" moment of my life so far. I was in complete control of your body while losing control of my own. I'm not a huge guy, but at that moment I realized that you were helpless. I was holding you and fucking you and using your body for my own pleasure and cumming with my cock buried inside you and other than yelling "stop" there was nothing you could do to stop it. Thankfully, you obviously didn't want me to stop!

    Anyway, clearly you made a big impression, and I've stroked many times remembering that afternoon, as well as once while writing this. I haven't played since COVID, and memories like that and sites like this one keep me going until it's safe again. I'm glad to see that you're not letting it stop you from giving pleasure, but I hope you're taking care of yourself during this time and I hope to someday get to enjoy that incredible ass of yours again!

  • Hello Bob, nice story buddy.

  • Not Bob

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