I seduce men's wives

For the last 25 years, I have made great efforts to seduce other guy's wives. I suppose it's not nice, but I don't care.
Nothing feels better than to slide inside some other fellow's private territory.
Now people might think this is tough to do, trust me when I say it's lots easier than dealing with single women who have plans to catch someone, so they use every trick in the book to see if they can end up married.
I own a large distribution company, so I am fairly well off.
I have used tricks like employee promotions, I left the wife know that a bit of fun in my well equipped office can help their lifestyles financially.
Young ones, old ones, big ones, slender, doesn't matter to me. Older and bigger is even easier.
I have one employee on the packing line, his wife is a nice chubby 180 pounds, at about 5'6" she is a chunk, also pretty. That one was my biggest challenge, it took me over a year, I passed her husband over for promotion to manager, worth maybe $8 grand more a year.
I happened to mention that a different wife had "helped" get the promotion, she frowned but didn't say anything.
One day she got there early to pick him up, so I asked her into the office. I had hinted, suggested, didn't work, so I was blunt about it.
I told her how desirable I found her, and mentioned the next promotion might go her husband's way if she was a little more friendly.
She just sighed, stood up and began to take off her clothes.
She was probably the most fun I ever had in my office, once started there were no inhibitions. Hell, she even did the blowjob part with gusto.
So here I was, screwing this guy's wife while he worked down on the floor making me money. I keep track, too, six more to go and I will be at 100 different wives.
But I like this last one enough that I have her coming by for seconds later this week. She just said, "OK" when I asked her.
Mean of me, isn't it? LOL.

1 month ago

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    • I'm doing that now with a hot, fit-bodied biker chick and former dancer. She's still married, the situation is fucked up, and I met her just chatting at the sports bar I go to. I normally don't go for that type at all, but she's sexy, attractive, fun, and more or less easy pickings. We've messed around a bit, but haven't fucked yet. Very soon. It has to be a my house or somewhere else, since her still-husband has access to her house and cameras everywhere. I don't care one bit, but she does.

      I was at my usual bar the other night, she kept texting me to meet her at the other sports bar, I wolfed down what I had left, and went to her. She told the one bartender "See? Told you he'd be here", kissed me, then swung her wiry, dancer's leg over mine as I felt her long, blonde hair. Bartenders or servers who know me are well away, when I do that, sex is on. They've seen me do it.

    • Well you sound nice.

    • I would just love for You to meet my Wife !

    • Yo nigga you get the CROWN

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