Husbands friend

I always thought my husband’s friend Mike was sexy.
Never ever thought about crossing that line till one night my we were out and my husband got called into work.
So muke fave me a ride home . I wasn’t that drunk but had a good buzz going.
When we got to my place i went to get out , his truck sets gighercand o fell out and hit my elbow. mike hurried around truck and helped me up . I leaaned into him and I immediately pulled away. He said what do i stink?
I laugh abd said no but the neighbors might gossip. We laughed then he said we better get you inside then.
He helped me inside and shut the door and
He out of nowhere started kissing me.
So what do i do? I kiss back and next thing i know he has me on table and he is between my legs with his tongue up in me.
We fucked like rabbits that night. He was huge compared to my husband and like to tore me appart. The next morning i felt so guilty but the sex was so amazing.

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  • Had sex with my husband's friends few times way before we were even a thing. I remember him to be alot bigger and better but he wasnt after anything serious so ended up with my hubby.
    Lockdown has been so crazy and got chatting to him online.Yes we ended up reminiscing about our sexual encounters and I admit it aroused me so much.We chatted again and the flirting was so much heavier.And we played a type of relationship or sex 20 questions. It was too revealing but it was after drinking.Later on he text me several times and flat out invited me over for "no strings".I was literally and utterly flabbergasted. But the more I thought about and thought about how good it was back then,my curious side just kept being teased.
    I couldn't believe a couple weeks later in mid lockdown I was in my car driving to his,told my hubby that I was just getting some bits for a friend who needed help.He invited me in and I sternly said I was just here for a chat.He made me a cup of tea and we chat.But he sat next to me and began running his fingers along my exposed thigh (why did I wear a loose dress).Goosebumps caused a shiver to go up my body and I swear my pussy twitched.He ran his fingers down my arm and softly pushed a strand of hair from my face.I was so nervous but at the same time I felt safe and at ease in his presence.My mind was already trying to picture what would happen next or where this would go.

  • And my mind always went to us naked in bed having sex.Its like my mind was trying to tell me something.That it was already made up and this was what was going to happen.I just sat as he rubbed my thighs again.
    Almost reading my mind he assured me that nothing has to happen,but that it'll be hard for him as i was still as beautiful as before.I sorta blushed and smiled and turned my face away.But he put his finger under my chin and turned my face to him and looked me in the eyes and said "I mean that too and it wasn't a ploy to try and get in your pants." I laughed and said, "well it should've been cuz it worked." I leaned forward and kissed him.We locked lips and kissed for a full minute before he stopped and asked if I really wanted this?I said "yes I do,I need this."He said "ok then and we'll only go as far as you want." I said "go as far as you want with me." He said "I'm not the same guy before so don't know if you'll want that,but I'll go at your pace if you like." I reminded him of one of the details from our 20 questions chat. "I'm a blank sexual canvass here so lead the way please." He said "well you lay back and I'm going to pleasure the hell out of you."

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