Twisted sister

We started young my little brother and day my little brother who is 2 years younger and 14 at the time walked in on me as i was learn how to masterbate and asked if he could help. I at first said no get out, but soon after he left i couldnt get it going again. So i went to complane and i walked in on him stroking. It was so hot i Instantly got wet. He looked up at me and said do want to try it. Try it try what i said? You know masterbate i know i Interrupted you and im sorry. I wanted to say no its wrong but i was so wet and horny. I closed his door and said if we try this is our secret and only once. He quickly said yes but he didnt really know what to do. We layed on his bed and at first he was just watching me and his dick got even harder. I asked him why he stoped, he asked if he could touch me there he wanted to know what it felt like. I let him but as soon as he started rubbing me i had my first orgasm. It was a lot. When i opened my eyes i saw he was useing my cum as lube on his dick. That made me cum again. He said wow can you make me squirt like that. I think so i said but that i would have to use my mouth just like one of the older girls did to our gym coach. He said yes lol, so my first time sucking a dick was my little brother. Even befor i started sucking him i could feel a nother orgasm coming. As he humpped my fase i couldnt control myself i had orgasm after orgasm in a matter of mins. He didnt last very long but it felt like an hour. His cum was sweet and a lot.its been a few years now of daily oral beteewn us i think im ready to try anal with him. Ty for lettinfg me cumfess.

1 year ago

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