Caught by friends dad

I just posted a story about my first time fucking my best friend. After the first time we started fucking all the time. We were both strait but i couldnt get enough of his cock. Well one day i was sucking his dick in his livingroom. He lived alone but we didnt notice that his dad pulled in. I guess our new found lust got the better of us bcuz we didnt have all the curtains completely shut. So for 15 minutes his dad stood on the porch watching me deepthroat his son. He knocked at the door and bfor we had a chance to do anything he opened the door. There is his son standing there, pants around his ankles and dick stiff as a board and theres me on my knees completely naked. He said whats going on here?! Neither one of us had an answer. He asked again. This time my friend says its not what it looks like. His dad says oh yea? Looks to me like he was trying to swallow ur cock. He said well dont let me stop u, get back to it...and on that note i think ill join u. Just then his dad pulls out his dick. We just stood there in shock until he looked at me and said come on. Not knowing what to think i crawled over like i was told. He grabbed my head and pulled it to his cock. I started sucking it slowly. Thats when he told his son to get over here. So there i am naked on my knees stroking and sucking my friends dick and his dads. I have to say having 2 at a time made me really horny. Both of them rubbing their dicks on my face while i suck their balls. Then his dad asks is this all u do? My friend answered no weve done the other once. Thats when his dad told me to get on all fours. He bent me over n slid his dick rite inside me. I couldnt believe my best friends dad had his dick inside me. He then calls his son back to him. He says its ur turn son. I can feel a dick in me but sonething is poking as well. Thats when i realize his dad wants both cocks in me at the same time. They both finally get in me. Stretching my asshole out. Thats when his dad starts talking dirty. He starts calling me a faggot. Telling me im a little bitch. Im loving every min of it. I look back at him n say fuck me daddy. Fuck ur little sissy. He says i own u now boy. U gonna let me fuck ur little ass any time i want? Yes daddy! U gonna do as ur told? Yes daddy! He said i want u ti have my baby. I said give it to me daddy! Pump ur seed inside me. They both shot their loads in me together.

3 months ago

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