Not proud

Not proud of it, but I took a bit of advantage of my elderly grandmother that had Alzheimer's. Sucked on her tits and fingered her. She was a bit heavy set and had big tits. I did it a few times. I was a horny teenager.

1 year ago

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    • I have a friend whose grandmother has dementia, doesn't know her own name. or what year it is, but show her your cock and she'll give you the best toothless blow-job you ever had.

    • My mother in law thinks I'm her husband due to her dementia, yes I take advantage of this when I'm alone with her

    • Our father got diagnosed with alzheimers,before he got to bad he asked me and my sister over to our old family home,mum had passed away 10 years previously,girls don't take this the wrong way but I'm going to forget what a fanny looks like in a few months or even weeks! Both of us looked puzzled! OK dad so what are you asking of us? Well you know! Give your old man a flash! Katie looked at me and smiled,fran it's only me you and dad here,dad won't be able to remember anything soon,im sure me and you won't mention it to anyone! Id always listened to my big sis,she took her jeans and knickers off sat back on the couch and opened her legs,it'll be OK fran trust me she said,I did the same! You've made me a very happy man indeed you pair

    • My late MIL started hitting up on me as her dementia kicked in. She had been a religious woman of the primary faith in the intermountain west. But it wasnt stopping her as the dementia knocked down her guard

    • My grams is confined to a chair and kind of bored. So I bent over and showed her how I could “sing” with my anus. She shove the dirty rubber end of her cane right up my ass! Surprisingly strong old lady, she jammed it in about 15” with one thrust.

    • Same with my motherinlaw. It got nasty (in a good way) but I didn’t care

    • In similar situation. I didnot fuck the neighbor grandma. But just fingered her pussy only.

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