Mature Wife

My wife is a bit older than I am, 12 years to be exact. She is the conservative type, very body conscious. So how I ever got her to go out with me in the first place, is beyond me. Eventhough she body conscious, she is still smoking hot. She maybe 12 years older than me, but most people think she's younger than me. She has beautiful long dark hair, with stunning eyes, big tits, slim waist, and nice little round butt. She also has a nice tan than most women will kill for.

I had been trying for a couple years to get her to wear low cut dresses with a pushup bra or something similar to show off her cleavage, but she always refused. I tried getting her to go out without any panties on, but that too was always shot down. She also refused to wear a bikini, eventhough she has NO stretch marks, and would look good in one. She used to tell me that bikinis were for teenagers or pre kids, and that most moms wear a one piece. I disagreed, and pointed out many moms who wear bikinis, but again I was shot down.

As things opened up this summer, I booked a vacation to Florida. She and I were sitting on the beach when this guy came over and sat down not far fro my wife. He kept checking her out. So I pointed him out to her. In typical fashion, she told me I was mistaken, as no body in their right mind would be checking her out. Well, he was. As soon as I got up to get a drink, he came over and started talking to my wife. It didn't take him long to come on to her and ask her back to his place. Naturally she declined and told him she was married, but that didn't stop him from letting her know which room he was in. When I returned, she had a smile on her face. I asked her what happened, and that's when she told me what happened. She also told me he was 22 years old. So that just made her day.

Something surely happened to her that day, because the next day, she wanted to go shopping. She bought a couple new bikinis that looked great on her. The looks she started to get on the beach one increased her self image. That night she put on a sexy black dress with a very low cut front. Her tits looked amazing, and most the guys in the restaurant noticed her. A few even bought her some drinks.

The sex we had that night was phenomenal. For the first time in a long time, she actually got on top and rode me. I was so horny, I started talking dirty to her. I asked her if she wanted to fuck that young stud from the beach. At first she said no, but the more horny she got, and the dirtier we talked, she finally admitted that she wanted to fuck him. I started telling her a store as if she had fucked him on the beach. She got so excited that she had a squirting orgasm. Something she has never had before. I asked her afterwards if she really wanted to fuck him, but she said no, it was only fantasy.

Since we have gotten home, I have talked to her many more times during sex. Always making up a different story where she would meet the guy from the beach and fuck him. Each time she has orgasmed extremely hard and squirted all over me and the bed. And each time afterwards, I ask her again if she really wants to find some young guy to fuck, bit she always declines, saying it only fantasy, and will always stay fantasy. I can only imagine how hard she would cum if she really did decide to fuck another young guy.

2 months ago

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    • Make the fantasy a reality ... Best wishes.

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