A message for the TROLLS here

In case you haven't noticed the name of this site is "Naughty Posts." When you create a post is says "Be Naughty." Well, "Family" and being naughty go hand in hand with incest.

Nobody reads the tons of comments that YOU write. Hell, your comments are far longer than the original post was. You are dumber than a box of rocks if you think people actually read your sorry ass comments.

If you don't have the ability to understand what I have just written, there is no reasoning with your limited mental capacity. Look what's mostly on "Trending" and "Popular," it's incest. You haven't been here long enough, but just so you know, things are as they have always been. People read the stories, not your comments. In other words, you're just wasting your time.

You can't change things and you never will. These stories were here long before you came around six months ago, and you simply cannot make them stop. You obviously have a lot of time on your hands and don't lead productive lives. You can't get a female to have sex with you, so you are bitter and evil. It makes me feel sorry for you.

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  • The first thing you see when you create a post is "Be Naughty." What would you like to see in the "Family Category?" Please give me some examples. I really want to know.(Seriously}

  • Why the hell did you not answer my question?

  • I did that so know I would like you to read what I posted about incest and its victims. Tell me what is not true but back it up with facts from a reputable source that can easily be looked up.{seriously}.

  • Since your mind is stuck on sex mode only!
    Times where parents managed to have a romantic night without their kids finding out, or getting caught and ending it right there.

    A son or daughter of age who sneaks their boy or girlfriend in the house and had sex without the parents finding out! Or even being caught by the parents and getting busted.
    One sibling finds out and blackmails them in to being their servant without incest involved. They could even blackmail them into having sex with their friends.
    Like I got my BF or GF to have sex with my sibling by tricking them or blackmailing them.
    Or my sibling and I held a party and it turned into and orgy again no incest. Or the parents did that.
    I took my siblings car and wrecked it! As for payment I let him have my date.
    A son or daughter catches mom or dad doing the postman ECT. Blackmails or tells their other parent.
    Two brothers or sisters go camping and find two companions to have sex with straight or not no incest.
    I took my siblings date away and made them mine. Two siblings switch dates (twins) Whatever!

    There is many more different stories then that. Some of those things I know are true and happened.
    But writing the same old fake incest stories over and over again and again Lame and pathetic and extremely disrespectful to actual incest victims and incest offspring.
    The stories you post is the same crap written slightly over and over.
    There is a section in naughtypost called gross And if you scroll to the bottom the oldest post is 9 months old. Not much gross posts made. Why do you think you have to fill family section up with incest?
    Naughtyposts is for real stories not fake crap over and over.

  • Thank you for taking the time to give me a rational explanation. I will admit that Incest stories are made up, but so are a lot of other posts too. Still, with the name of a site being Naughty Posts, you have to know that it is predominantly going to attract people interested in sex. Having a category called Family is only asking for Incest stories.

    Everyone is welcome to their opinion, and I thank you for yours.

  • This not true "Having a category called Family is only asking for Incest stories".

  • This not true "Having a category called Family is only asking for Incest stories".
    Sorry for the typo!
    That is only in a few twisted and perverse minds. it is asking for all kinds of stories not just incest. Come on you haven't experienced something similar in those examples I listed in your life?

    Only a few people write the majority of incest stories here. Especially one person here. I can tell by the writing and the similarities in each stories. His mistakes and what he did when the trolling started.

  • I believe naughty posts made a mistake in their rules. I will show you.
    Confessions post rules.
    Please avoid the following:

    Graphic sexual content, including: rape, molestation, incest, sex with minors
    Requests for others to contact you
    Links to web sites
    Full names of people or any contact information
    Obnoxious formatting or all capitals

    Naughty post rules
    But please don't include any of the following:

    Graphic or gratuitous descriptions of rape, molestation, assault, or sex with minors
    Requests for others to contact you
    Links to web sites
    Full names of people or any contact information
    Obnoxious formatting or all capitals

  • Now give me my answer to what I posted below!

  • Get this fact over 97% of incest involves a child!
    1st. Father and daughter incest starts out severely underaged!
    2nd. Father and son incest starts out severely underaged!
    3rd. adult male family member Grandfather, uncle, step parent involving a severely underage female child followed by a male child.
    4th. Male sibling usually 5 plus years on the underage female child followed by a male child.
    5th female adult incest with underage male child followed by female child
    6th Female sibling usually 7 plus years on underage male child followed by female child!
    Last and very very rare is mother or female adult incest with underage male child followed by female child.
    Incest happens to babies all the way up in childhood.

    Child victims of incest, 25.6% of them had attempted suicide, 52.0% had suicidal ideation, and 23.6% have killed themself's! Major depressive disorder was the most common psychiatric diagnosis.

    The remaining incest is adult incest involving adults is the lowest part of incest happening! Adult incest has its consequences to!
    Regret being number one especially if drugs or alcohol are involver at the time. Incest between adults have led to suicide or homicide mainly from fear of being caught! Mental conditions that range from suicide to homicide are part of incest.

    Then there is pregnancy from adult incest! That too has caused murder because of false love syndrome. With a normal birth defect rate of around 4%, In non direct incest it jumps to 7% rate. In direct incest the birth defect rate skyrockets to 42%! Direct incest is incest between parents or grandparents-sibling sex. Non direct incest is 1st cousins and lower down the family tree.

    Incest is far from the glamorous fake stories people post over and over. There is a lot more then I posted but that is the reason incest is illegal and gonna stay that way.
    Stop glorifying incest and insulting all the victims with your fake stories.

  • Ps sibling experimentation is very rare except if one of the siblings is exposed to sex like being molested.

  • I can't see any trolling happening on this site at all!

  • That was about as funny as a lady Hershey bar with nuts.

  • I will explain it so a moron like you can get it.

    They are trending because of the replies idiot!

    Not because of the views jack ass.

    Now do you understand it fuck head!

    You should be thankful that we are trolling your fake assed incest stories if you like the fact that they are trending. Now can you understand why they are trending numb nuts?

  • You need to seek mental help. There are plenty of medications that will help you with the "Rage" feelings you have.

  • My name is Donald J Trump and I approve this story.

  • Have fun in Florida!

  • Lame pathetic fake incest propaganda!

  • Agreed lame

  • For fuck sake no more pleeeeaasse

    Please end this story. No more incest!!!

    Lame pathetic attempt at incest Barf.

  • This is the worst yet! So fake, Totally unbelievable.

  • Two people write these fake incest stories thats it.

  • I will explain it so a moron like you can get it.

    They are trending because of the replies idiot!

    Not because of the views jack ass.

    Now do you understand it fuck head!

    You should be thankful that we are trolling your fake assed incest stories if you like the fact that they are trending.

    See how putting spaces in between your fake assed incest stories make them look longer Dip shit.

    Now if you can't understand it now! You are dumber than dog shit ass wipe!

  • How long did it take to write that all fake incest crappy stories?

  • Fake cake incest propaganda! You haven't fucked anything but Mary Palm ( Rosy or sister Mary what ever you like dumb fuck) and her five children.

  • Get a shrink and a rope. Maybe the shrink will talk you out of using the rope. We hope the shrink helps tighten the noose around your neck.

  • Leviticus 18:6-18
“None of you shall approach any one of his close relatives to uncover nakedness. I am the Lord. You shall not uncover the nakedness of your father, which is the nakedness of your mother; she is your mother, you shall not uncover her nakedness. You shall not uncover the nakedness of your father's wife; it is your father's nakedness. You shall not uncover the nakedness of your sister, your father's daughter or your mother's daughter, whether brought up in the family or in another home. You shall not uncover the nakedness of your son's daughter or of your daughter's daughter, for their nakedness is your own nakedness. ...

  • Fuck you and your fake incest propaganda ass hole.

  • Understanding and treating survivors of incest
    By David M. Lawson
    March 6, 2018

    Adults with histories of being abused as children present unique challenges for counselors. For instance, these clients often struggle with establishing and maintaining a therapeutic alliance. They may rapidly shift their notion of the counselor from very favorable to very unfavorable in line with concomitant shifts in their emotional states. Furthermore, they may anxiously expect the counselor to abandon them and thus increase pressure on the counselor to prove otherwise. Ironically, attempts at reassurance by the counselor may actually serve to validate these clients’ fears of abandonment.
    The motivating factor for many of these clients is mistrust of people in general — and often for good reason. This article explores the psychological and interpersonal aspect of child sexual abuse by a parent and its treatment, with a particular focus on its relationship to betrayal trauma, dissociation and complex trauma.
    Incest and its effects
    Child abuse of any kind by a parent is a particularly negative experience that often affects survivors to varying degrees throughout their lives. However, child sexual abuse committed by a parent or other relative — that is, incest — is associated with particularly severe psychological symptoms and physical injuries for many survivors. For example, survivors of father-daughter incest are more likely to report feeling depressed, damaged and psychologically injured than are survivors of other types of child abuse. They are also more likely to report being estranged from one or both parents and having been shamed by others when they tried to share their experience. Additional symptoms include low self-esteem, self-loathing, somatization, low self-efficacy, pervasive interpersonal difficulties and feelings of contamination, worthlessness, shame and helplessness.

  • One particularly damaging result of incest is trauma bonding, in which survivors incorporate the aberrant views of their abusers about the incestuous relationship. As a result, victims frequently associate the abuse with a distorted form of caring and affection that later negatively influences their choice of romantic relationships. This can often lead to entering a series of abusive relationships.
    According to Christine Courtois (Healing the Incest Wound: Adult Survivors in Therapy) and Richard Kluft (“Ramifications of incest” in Psychiatric Times), greater symptom severity for incest survivors is associated with:
    * Longer duration of abuse
    * Frequent abuse episodes
    * Penetration
    * High degree of force, coercion and intimidation
    * Transgenerational incest
    * A male perpetrator
    * Closeness of the relationship
    * Passive or willing participation
    * Having an erotic response
    * Self-blame and shame
    * Observed or reported incest that continues
    * Parental blame and negative judgment
    * Failed institutional responses: shaming, blaming, ineffectual effort
    * Early childhood onset

  • Early childhood onset
    Incest that begins at a young age and continues for protracted periods — the average length of incest abuse is four years — often results in avoidance-based coping skills (for example, avoidance of relationships and various dissociative phenomena). These trauma-forged coping skills form the foundation for present and future interpersonal interactions and often become first-line responses to all or most levels of distress-producing circumstances.
    More than any other type of child abuse, incest is associated with secrecy, betrayal, powerlessness, guilt, conflicted loyalty, fear of reprisal and self-blame/shame. It is of little surprise then that only 30 percent of incest cases are reported by survivors. The most reliable research suggests that 1 in 20 families with a female child have histories of father-daughter child sexual abuse, whereas 1 in 7 blended families with a female child have experienced stepfather-stepdaughter child sexual abuse (see the revised edition of The Secret Trauma: Incest in the Lives of Girls and Women by Diana E. H. Russell, published in 1999).
    In 1986, David Finkelhor, known for his work on child sexual abuse, indicated that among males who reported being sexually abused as children, 3 percent reported mother-son incest. However, most incest-related research has focused on father-daughter or stepfather-stepdaughter incest, which is the focus of this article.

  • Subsequent studies of incest survivors indicated that being eroticized early in life disrupted these individuals’ adult sexuality. In comparison with nonincest controls, survivors experienced sexual intercourse earlier, had more sex partners, were more likely to have casual sex with those outside of their primary relationships and were more likely to engage in sex for money. Thus, survivors of incest are at an increased risk for revictimization, often without a conscious realization that they are being abused. This issue often creates confusion for survivors because the line between involuntary and voluntary participation in sexual behavior is blurred.
    An article by Sandra Stroebel and colleagues, published in 2013 in Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, indicates that risk factors for father-daughter incest include the following:
    * Exposure to parent verbal or physical violence
    * Families that accept father-daughter nudity
    * Families in which the mother never kisses or hugs her daughter (overt maternal affection was identified as a protective factor against father-daughter incest)
    * Families with an adult male other than the biological father in the home (i.e., a stepfather or substitute father figure)

  • Finally, some qualitative research notes that in limited cases, mothers with histories of being sexually abused as a child wittingly or unwittingly contribute to the causal chain of events leading to father-daughter incest. Furthermore, in cases in which a mother chooses the abuser over her daughter, the abandonment by the mother may have a greater negative impact on her daughter than did the abuse itself. This rejection not only reinforces the victim’s sense of worthlessness and shame but also suggests to her that she somehow “deserved” the abuse. As a result, revictimization often becomes the rule rather than the exception, a self-fulfilling prophecy that validates the victim’s sense of core unworthiness.

  • Beyond the physical and psychological harm caused by father-daughter incest, Courtois notes that the resulting family dynamics are characterized by:
    * Parent conflict
    * Contradicting messages
    * Triangulation (for example, parents aligned against the child or perpetrator parent-child alignment against the other parent)
    * Improper parent-child alliances within an atmosphere of denial and secrecy
    Furthermore, victims are less likely to receive support and protection due to family denial and loyalty than if the abuser were outside the family or a stranger. Together, these circumstances often create for survivors a distorted sense of self and distorted relationships with self and others. If the incest begins at an early age, survivors often develop an inherent sense of mistrust and danger that pervades and mediates their perceptions of relationships and the world as a whole.


  • Here we go again with all these worthless comments. No need to write 'em, cause I don't even read 'em, foo. LMFAO

  • This post has nothing to do with MY PENIS!

  • So, what you're saying is, if you disagree with someone's opinion, they should be silenced. Read up on your great nations Constitution, paying attention to the first amendment. Those whom you disagree with have as much right to voice their opinion as you do, so fuck you for telling them to shut up, and stop telling privately run web sites to silence people. You might also read up on your great nations 2nd amendment, because it is what allows American Patriots to defend our first amendment right from Communistic Ass holes like you.

  • 1. Disagreeing with someone does not mean you are "silencing" them. If anyone was being silenced, then neither this OP nor your reply would even be here.

    2. Having an opinion does not mean you are exempt from hearing other people's opinions, nor does it mean that anyone who disagrees with you is breaking any laws.

    3. This is not a First Amendment issue. This is a private website. They could delete every post that contains the letter "e" and IP pan anyone who uses the second person tense, and it would be entirely legal.

    4. And, again, nobody on this website is "silencing" you.

    5. Pretty sure threatening to murder people actually *is* illegal, though.

  • 1.Where did he threaten to murder people in his reply?

    2.You write a story and everyone here is allowed to post on it. If you don't like what people say don't post your story or go somewhere else.

    3.Stop being a snowflake or don't write anymore stories. Everybody has the right to write stories and reply to stories they read!

    4.Thats called freedom And that is a First Amendment issue.

    5.Furthermore this a public website! You don't have to be a member to be here! Heck you don't even need an email address like membership websites require.

    6.This place has rules about writing stories and if the moderators did their job this would be a much better place.

  • You seriously expect me you missed the “second amendment” part? Not buying it. Troll smarter, not harder.

  • You need help!

  • Well said!!! Thanks

  • My guess is it's one guy who feels guilty that he's so turned on by it, so he writes a spittle-flecked shitpost about how immoral it is for each time he finishes.

  • This place is full of trolls fool.

  • You must be a snowflake! When you write stories here some will like it and some won't. You have to take the bad with the good.

  • If nothing is changing why write this?

  • Because TROLLS don't seem to have a clue.

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