Mother-in-law visit

She’s so fucking sexy. She’s 65 and when we hug, she presses her whole body against me. Looked through her luggage and sniffed and licked her used panties before dinner. Sat next to her with pair of her sexy lacy panty in my back pocket. Once in awhile I reach in to fill it we chatted. I want to fuck her and lick her asshole n hear her moan while I squeeze her tits and fuck her hard.

1 month ago


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    • —old bitches get the deeeep dick

    • I wish I had a hot mother in law! But she is busted used and infected! She's nothing but a whore! Ugly ass bitch! Im gonna slap u with my balls!

    • Tie her up and let the neighborhood negroes at her!

    • Ewww

    • Dude, I'm telling you what. Women in their 60's are not like the old grandmas of yesterday. Many of these women are fucking hot. I'm 32 and single, but a friend of mine, his mom just turned 60. She don't look a day over 40. Her tits are always pushed up with nice cleavage. She has sexy ass tan legs, and nice long dark hair. I flirt my ass off with her every time I see her. The other day she was looking for her cigarettes in her truck. She was bent over with her ass out the door. She has a perfect ass, and she looked good in her jeans. But the best part was her thong showing, with the little Victoria's Secret tag hanging out. I jokingly grabbed the tag, and asked her "what's this hanging out". She just laughed and tried to tuck it back behind the little triangle patch. Then I smacked her on the ass with her jokingly telling me to stop before I get in trouble. Damn I want to fuck that woman. I am gunna keep flirting with her until we have sex. I know she likes it, otherwise she would be serious and tell me to stop, but she doesn't. She always laughs and giggles like a schoolgirl when I flirt with her.

    • Oh nice. I hope you get to fuck her. Fuck, if she’s wearing a thong like and sticking out, my mil would know how much I want to fuck her

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