First time gay experience cousin

I'm straight but I want to have a gay sex experience with my cousin.
For years I have wanted to have sex with my gay cousin we grew up
did everything together, not until recently he (Alex) told me that he is gay but he's not ready to come out yet.
Since Alex told me that he was gay I thought nothing of it. Until a few weeks ago, Alex and I were at my house and we were having some drinks when Alex asked me " what would you think of me if I were to dress up like a girl?" I looked at him and laughed"what do you mean? " Alex replied crossdress wear thongs and sexy nightgowns, stockings,high heels?
Jokingly I said to Alex " do you have some sexy clothes with you right now? Put it on let me see how you look! Alex smiled as he walked in the house ,15 minutes later he sends me a text" you ready to see the new me"? I yelled yeah I'm ready as I'll ever be! Alex walks out of the house towards the patio wearing a silky red and black Teddie some sexy looking hose and some spike heels he actually looked like a real girl and I think he was looking hot! I ain't going to lie he did look sexy and gorgeous.
He walked up to me and grabbed my hand "untie the belt" so I pulled it and off came the silky belt, I took the Teddie off Alex, he was wearing a sexy see thru lace bustier and crotchless panties and boy did he look hot (I'm straight guy) Alex says in a muffled voice "I know you are not gay! I have been thinking about to ask you? Ask me what I said? I know we're 2nd cousins and your straight! But I want to tell you about feelings I have had for you for the longest time.
What kinda feelings you have Alex I asked.
Face blushing with voice cracking alex puts his arms around me, looks me in the eyes, I have always had sexual feelings for you since we were kids and I haven't had any kind of gay experience with anyone and I want you to be the first!
I had no idea how to answer that question, I said to Alex I know when we were kids we (I'm blushing)we would put our hands and sometimes fingers in and on each other's you know! I don't know what to say? I stood there looking at Alex my cock getting hard.
I grabbed his hand interlocking our fingers as I slowly turned him around checking him out from head to toe.
Alex embarrassed looks at me as he pulls his hand away from mine" Im sorry I shouldn't have said anything or even dressed up in this!
Walking back to the house,
I waited for Alex to get inside the house as I walked up to himi put my arms around him from behind moved them down to his waist pulling his sexy ass in crotchless panties against my throbbing hard cock.
Alex turned towards me, don't have to do this ,as I look at Alex I bring his body close to me, I would love to experiment with you sexually! Come here and let me kiss those sexy red lips. We began making out, kissing his neck his luciuos red lips feeling his petite body.
I took Alex by the hand and walked him to my bedroom sat him on the bed as he undressed me. I layed down on the bed, Alex stroking my cock,it felt real good Alex gets on his knees as he licks my balls and puts his mouth on my cock slowly sucking, I don't think he or I knew what to do,( we only jacked each other off and fingered each other a hand full of times growing up) I asked Alex to climb in bed,we started kissing and licking each other, I layed on top of Alex kissing and licking my way down his body sucking his nipples, his bellybutton , spreading his legs caressing his shaved balls and smooth hard cock, I put my lips on the tip of his cock and slowly swallow the throbbing hard cock, it had a salty but sweet taste.
I could taste Alex's precum and I was really liking the taste of his cock in my mouth.
I asked Alex to get on all fours, he was really getting me turned on and horny beyond belief. I spread his ass shoved my tongue in his tight virgin hole mmmmmm eating his ass was delicious.
Alex was in ecstasy as I kissed my way up to his lips. Kissed," can you give me every inch of you inside my ass please!? Alex gets my throbbing hard cock strokes it a few times puts his lips around it gives me a few sucks then applies a good amount of lube as I lube his sexy hole I take it slow pushing myself in to his virgin hole , Alex body is shaking with curious pleasure as I get in deeper his moans get louder,
I have almost all of me in his ass then I start thrusting harder and deeper in him.
Alex moaning is really sexy and it is getting me really horny pounding his tight hole it is so nice and tight and feels better than a woman's pussy.
I can feel myself getting ready to blow my load, thrusting deep and hard I ask Alex if he wants me to come in his hole or shoot it in his mouth? Alex answers me with a hot moan " I wanna swallow" I pull it out of his tight hole as he quickly turns and gobbles up my cock and with a couple of sucks I let the biggest load of cum shoot in his mouth.
I lay next to alex as we cuddle I taste my cum as we kiss.

1 month ago

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