Plz help

Please help im done with people saying im fake im not i really need to tell him but can't so please help me figure out a way to tell him or a way to hint it to him i can't stop these thoughts of him fucking me hard and using me as his lil slutty toy
I really want him or someone to just use me as there little fuck toy and take my virginity along with my body and make every part of me there's

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  • Will you sick fucks write new posts these are lame. I'm waiting to wreck them too. Can't wait! Destroying your sick posts is a lot of fun. So write some more fake bullshit for me please.

  • A father and daughter in South Carolina have been charged with incest after they had a sexual relationship and had a child together.

    Laurens County deputies said Katlyn Lauren Edwards gave birth to a child after 'becoming impregnated by her biological father', prosecutors say.

    The child then died at a medical facility a short time later, with the cause of death still under investigation.
    Deputies said they discovered Edwards and her father, James Travis Brown, had been in a consensual and mutual relationship.
    nvestigators said both parties agreed they were in a relationship.

    Edwards was arrested on October 22 and taken to the Johnson Detention Center where she was booked on the charge of incest.

    The police did not release details of their ages or whether James Travis Brown had a wife or other children.

    Brown is currently incarcerated in another county on unrelated charges.

    However he will be transferred to Laurens County to face the same incest charges after his release for the unrelated charges.

  • It is not known what age the infant was or whether the cause of death was related to the parents being related.

    Laurens County sheriff Don Reynolds said in a statement: 'It is beyond my comprehension how this could take place between a father and daughter.

    ‘At this time, I can’t confirm the baby died from complications related to incest, however we wonder if that’s the case.

    ‘We are working with medical professionals and the Solicitors Office regarding that aspect of the investigation and will update everyone if there are any additional charges

  • New ones will be added if needed dumb fucks. How do you like me now😎

  • No one cares 😂

  • LEESBURG, Fla. – A Florida woman was arrested on incest charges after her baby was born with medical complications and tests performed at Winnie Palmer Hospital showed the child's father was a close relative, according to an arrest report.
    Deputies said Pauline Martin, 33, gave birth to a baby on Nov. 21. The baby had several medical problems when born and was transferred to Winnie Palmer Hospital within hours of its birth. Genetic testing done at the hospital showed that the child's father was a close relative, according to the report.
    The Department of Children and Families was contacted when neither parent filled out the proper Medicaid paperwork for the child or obtained a birth certificate, according to the report.
    Officials with DCF along with Lake County deputies met with the defendant, who told them the baby's father was her biological brother, according to the report. Deputies said she would complete the paperwork the next day, but it was not completed until Feb. 26.Deputies later interviewed Martin at her workplace, McDonald's, where she informed them that she had been in a romantic and sexual relationship with her brother for five years.
    Another happy ending except the child born with several medical problems. So don't say incest is ok and normal.

  • No one is interested 😂

  • Fuck you lady balls we are sick of you and your fake posts of you and that fake fat fuck you call a sister and that crack addict whore of a mother of yours.

  • Don't get cheeky with me.

  • First im British which we live in houses then i live in a trailer which is American make up your mind billy, trying to get at me by my mum lol fucking retard,injoy going back talking to yourself glad others have noticed what you been doing.

  • Trailers are all over the poor neighborhoods in Uk ass hole.

  • Your ancestors are probably English

  • Fuck am i talking to you it's want you want just to keep me here, advice to others who want to confess don't take any notice of him

  • Nice try fuck head.

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  • No thats not it! You still don't get it. Did you go to school or did your mom keep you locked in your trailer and feed you crack?

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  • WTF What are you talking about. I DON'T WANT YOU SICK FUCK. I WANT YOU TO LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK. Maybe larger letters will help you out dip shit

  • "Ok fine im female to male transgender but i don't have a dick and still have tits"
    Right from the key board that fuck_me_daddy used in his last post "How do i tell my dad i want to have sex with him?" Fake shit.

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  • Gonna wreck this one to ass hole and I'm not laughing at that just laughing at you ass hole. Have a nice post.

  • Try again dude

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