Fun at the waterpark

Yesterday I was at the Waterpark with my family. I was playing in the super crowded wave pool while everyone else was waiting in the long ass line for food. I got a little too far into the pool and got washed way back on a massive wave. I crashed into someone who caught me. I apologized but when I went to move away they pulled me back towards them. I'm 17, 5'6", about 110 lbs. I'm a pretty good swimmer and pretty strong for my size, but whoever grabbed me was way stronger than me. They pulled me close them. I could feel their hard muscles against my back and rock hard cock on my butt "you're not going anywhere, a guys voice came from behind me".

His had was down my bikini bottoms and with two fingers in my pussy before I could say anything. While we rode out the rest of the waves it took everything in my power not to moan like a whole while he finger fucked me in the pool. I put my head underwater and screamed when he made me cum. After the waves stopped I turned in his grip to see a very attractive man, maybe in his late 20s or early 30s. I reached my hand down and grabbed his massive cock through his trucks "I want you to fuck me" I said, not knowing what had come over me or how I expected this guy probably twice my age to do what I had just asked in a pool full of people. He smiled and started heading towards the shallow end, dragging me by the wrist. When we got out of the water I followed him to the changing rooms. We found a big one in the back for families and went in. It was super humid and stuffy but I didn't care. He pulled my skimpy little bikini off and I dropped to my knees to suck him off. He was so much bigger than my boyfriend. I took it all down my throat and gagged a few times. He told me to spit on it and get it wet for him. I complied and fingers myself in anticipation. Then he bent me over the bench and pounded me so hard I had tears coming down my eyes. He left me a naked shaking mess on the floor with his cum leaking out of my pussy. I didn't even get his name or get to thank him. That was the most amazing sex I've ever had. Today I'm so sore I can't walk very well. I hope I see him again some day.

1 month ago


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    • Have you seen him again? Have you fucked him again? Have you fucked anybody else at the pool? IN the pool? I still love you!

    • Have you been going back to the pool regularly?

    • Guys who read this, just a note that it is someone's fantasy. Women don't really get off on being raped by strangers in real life.

    • Not to put too fine a point on it, dear, but it's possible ("conceviable"?) that you're already pregnant.

    • Men can't get pregnant!

    • I was at the pool in our neighborhood for movie night, pool was so packed it was impossible not to run into people. I saw one of our friends and she came over to me and we talked for a few minutes, it was so dark in the pool you could barely see down into it. She turned around and started watching the movie then I felt a hand right on the front of my suit and once she felt my cock she started squeezing it. I had my hands under water already so I just stood there for a few minutes then pulled the front of my suit down she reached back and stroked me some more then backed up to me and I felt her bare ass on my thighs. I was to tall to get near her pussy and I thought it would be extremely obvious to lower myself down into the water so I just stood there. She reached back with her other hand and grabbed one of mine then brought it around front of her and put it right on her boob which was only a few inches below water. She turned around and asked me if I wanted a beer then made her way over to the side and came back like five minutes later with two of them. She stood in front of me again then stroked me until I came right in the pool, after another few minutes I felt her grab my hand again and pull it downward. I fingered her for like twenty minutes until she was pulling on my arm. Coolest thing I have ever done.

    • Fuckin 😎

    • Wow!! VERY impressive! Nicely done!

    • I press my hard cock against little teens all the time but it's usually on the bus

    • Oh pedo wanna be you are so fake and harmless.

    • Sound like a niggas jealous

    • Yep . . . and he hate that this guy is better at getting women than he is.

    • Yes he hate you better guy for being woman more better than he

    • Huh?

    • The pedo wanna be is so sad and fake! He wishes he was trans so he could press it against little boys and it would be ok. But he’s a loser!

    • He loved your sweet vagina so good that you've now fallen in love with him, thereby explaining the tears. He made you happy and he made your life better. This is the beginning of a romance novel. He will come back to the park, looking for you, wanting you, needing ŷou, loving you. Since he doesn't appear to have asked you about your birth control status, I firmly believe he loves YOU, too . . . . . . and wants you to have his children. I think he may have seen you at the pool before and has been coming back, hoping to find you again and fill you with this semen . . . . . like yesterday. Yes, I think his is true love . . . . for both of you, and by the end of this year, you will be married, or at least engaged. But you will DEFINITELY be pregnant with this child. CONGRATULATIONS!!

    • Soooooooo beautiful. I really really love what you did for him, and what you gave him, and i know he did, as well. I also know you will see him again, multiple times. Just be sure to spend as much time as you can at that same park (get a part-time job there if it ALL possible). I know for sure he's going to want more of you. As much as he can possibly get. PLEASE don't let your pitiful and undersized boyfriend EVER get in the way of this MAN getting TO you, getting WITH you, getting ON you, and getting IN you. NOT EVER. Two final pieces of advice: (1) if he's involved with or married to another girl, tell him you don't care about that at all. Say, "I want you too bad to let that whore keep us apart: we have something super hot and super special. You can fuck me any time you want. Just come and get it."
      (2) Prepare yourself to give him your asshole, and always remind him you want him there: "Please, please, please, baby . . .Fuck me deep in my shit!!!" And if he IS living with someone else, then tell him, "I want your bitch to smell my shit on your dick every time she goes down on you." She won't last long after smelling you on him. Go get that man. He's yours. And you are his. God made your precious little body just for this MAN's giant cock. And then He put the two of you together in that pool on that day. You KNOW that is true. Mark the date on your calendar and always remember it.

    • I want your bitch to smell my shit on your dick every time she goes down on you.

    • You think a guy who grabs and molests a woman is a good man. He a fucking sexual predator who should be shot in the head. Because he will repeat his actions on someone else.

    • Aw the old lady just wish it was her tha old nasty bitch!

    • All her did was catch her in the big wave. SHE told HIM to fuck HER.

    • He was already hard when he grabbed her! So he is a fucking pervert playing with himself at a waterpark. Then he grabbed and molested a stranger so he a sexual predator.

    • Sounds like he gave that young cunt what she wanted though. From her story she didn't really ever resist him. She could have called out to a lifeguard or something when he wouldn't let her go. I bet she went there looking for something like this to happen to her. Most sluts do.

    • ALL TRUE!!!

    • Awesome! So hottttttt
      I want some guy to be looking at my little buds and cameltoe and have a big hard boner and shove it in my little pussy while my dad is only fifty feet away because I know he wants to!

    • Pedo wanna be you know you are a male so stop posting as a girl.

    • You're obviously a bitter frustrated old crone so stop posting as wait, that's what you're posting as

    • LOL!!

    • Pedo wanna be I am a man because even though I wasn't born as one I identify that way! Stop posting your bull shit posts about us proud trans sistas and go back to your sad desperate life.

    • Proud and brave

    • Dang! I usually have to fuck teen stank hoes in the trash behind the 7-11.

    • We fuck them where we find them!

    • Why do you write like you're black when you're not?

    • I don't see "fuck teen stank hoes" as necessarily black patois. That they are stank hoes is, you see, an undeniable fact; it is important, I think, to describe things acutely and accurately. Surely you would agree with that.

    • Yo all whyte pipo think they black thats why we rape em, we put some black in em if that what they want

    • What was the name of the park? Fantasy Land? Just like your story pure fantasy.

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