Me and friends

Lately me and my friends have been wanking over each other mom and all my friend decided that my mom the best all because she has a history of being slut

1 month ago


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    • I watched my mom loose her ass virginity at the age of 12 getting pounded an she was screaming

    • My mother had me when she was 14. She always stayed super hot because she needed to attract a rich man to support us. She fucked every guy under the sun. Too bad she was crazy and always drover them away. Fortunately by the time I became 16 she was a hot little 30 year old and fucked me silly. Now I'm in my 50s and still remember the hot sex we had for a couple years, best I ever had. Before she was slashed to death by some Puerto Rican psycho in a Miami spa. I'm still searching for that guy.

    • To thank him?

    • And I suppose your really proud of that.

    • When I was a teen I would go to a friend of mines mothers apartment to jerk off with him, he would use his moms panties to jack off with, she knew he did this and was ok with it. He told his mom that I join him in doing this, she was ok with this too, we sat side by side on the couch and jacked each other off with his moms panties, We would toss the panties full of cum into the washing machine to be washed, his mom complained about us going through all of her panties, we continued to do it anyway, she had a nice big set of tits so i wanted to shoot off in one of the cups after jerking off using her panties, His mom said she did not mind me doing that, she said it turned her on when she put a bra on to think that I had shot off in it. We continued this for several months.

    • Il fuck your mum in front of u so u can start calling me dad call me motherfucker because am fucking ur mom

    • Fuck her we all did

    • Its normal to do that we come out our mom pussy we should have that chance to go back in

    • My buddy's (Bob) Mom was my first piece of ass on my 18th birthday. We had been skinny dipping in her pool since we were 7, her being our lifeguard. Back in the day boys swam nude when girls weren't around. we loathed suits at public pools. The guys always made fun of my much bigger penis -- in a good way -- "Joe's sister is going to choke on it." Bob's Mom called me up on my 18th and made me an offer I couldn't. Pretty for 40, a little chubby, big tits and ass.

    • So did Maureen Prescott.

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