Best Worker At Her Age

I've been and had sex with all sorts of women and recently got involved with a senior citizen named Valerie. I just pulled in the grocery parking lot and she walked up to my car door and stood there. "Can you help me? " she said with tearful voice. She told me she used up her monthly check on medicines and had no money for groceries. If I paid for her grocery she is willing to suck my dick off. I paid for the groceries thinking she'll give me a blow job out in my car in the parking lot. I helped carrying the grocery out to her car, to my surprise she grabbed my privates when I was bent over loading her car and said for me to follow her to her home.
She left the front door open while I carried her stuff inside. She disappeared for a while and then showed herself nude to me. She was covered with wrinkles even her saggy tits had them. "I want to thank you very much! " and reached for my penis. She guided me into the bedroom and told me to drop my pants. to get repaid. I sat on the bed's edge while she started to play with my dick, squeezed my nuts, lick the head of my cock as I stared at her naked wrinkled tits. I was amazed how well she was doing this. She held up her saggy tits and I placed my dick in them and she took my shaft in her mouth. she dropped the tits and grabbed with both hands my shaft and jerked away with it in front of her opened mouth. She rubbed my dick across her face and lips and then filled her mouth with it. I started to release cum in her mouth and she began to suck hard. I pulled my cum covered dick out of her mouth and wiped it across her face and nipples on her wrinkled tits.
She's the best blow slut I ever been with. "How would you like extra supplement income? " I said to her. "Is it hard work? " I sort of smirked at her and told her it gets hard ever so often and pointed to my penis. "You're the best cock sucker I ever been with! " "I'll do my best to increase my income! " and she started to fondle and lick my mushroom head.
Valerie would surprise me with her visits every couple of weeks and I welcome the job that she does for me.

1 month ago


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    • How old was she? Like 30?

    • Gross

    • 144?

    • Pimp her ass out. You'll both get paid!!!

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