Step daughter

My step daughter is 30 and I am 43. She is absolutely gorgeous and has a stunning tight little body on her. Her boyfriend is a loser and she has not seen him for several months as he works in another town and has rarely come back to visit her. He didn’t even come back to visit her on her birthday. He has now moved out west for his job and again did not even visit her before he left. I feel like she needs a man to make her happy and please her. I fantasize about her all the time and I have amazing orgasms when I do. I want nothing more than to connect with her on another level and end up making passionate love to each other over and over. I want so badly to be intimate with her but I just don’t know how to approach the situation.

Anyone have any advice?


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  • Start with a drink or two. Ask her her you can rub her neck and then turn that into a massage. Start by lifting up the bottom of her shirt While She lays on her stomach rubbing her back. Ask her if you can disconnect her bra so you can rub her back better. start inching her shirt up farther and farther and then ask if she will take it off as long as she stays on her stomach so you can rub her shoulders. if you can get her to roll over onto her back with her shirt off she's all yours. Worked for me we've been having sex ever since.

  • With your stepdaughter?

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