Is wife open with you?

Does your wife tell you about guys flirting with her? Does that turn you on? Have you encouraged her to follow up? If so, what happened?

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  • Yes. My wife is a teacher and was working an after-school program. She had a toe ring on once and a man told her it was sexy. I didn't encourage any follow up as she found him to be a creep but I think she was a little flattered.

  • I encourage my wife to wear clothes that expose either her long legs in short skirts or her large breasts in low cut shirts and dresses. Sometimes she goes out without me and will tell me the number of men who try to look down her shirt or up her skirt. When she tells me about the men looking at her it excites me and we usually have sex. For a while I mentioned that she should think about one of them while we had sex. Last month I asked her if she wanted to take it further by talking to another guy and accepting an invitation for sex if he asked. Last Saturday she met up with a guy at a hotel and had sex with him and stayed the night and had sex again in the morning right before she came home. I was so horny for her and we had sex on the living room floor never reaching our bedroom. She felt wonderful as she was very slippery from having been come in twice. She asked she could do it again and I told her any time that she wanted. I am looking for my sweet wife who had only had sex with me having a lot of boyfriends. I love the jealous feeling when I enter her knowing that she has had sex with another man.

  • I always notice men checking out my wife, I encourage it because it makes her feel sexy, and I believe it is the same for most wen. They become numb to the husband telling them how sexy they are but when they get the attention from other men, they are all about that type of attention. I tell the wife to go with the flow. She unfortunately has the luck of always getting hit on by guys that are packing a lot of cock, she had a bad experience with a big cock boyfriend of hers so she stays away from the big meat. A couple of months ago she met a very handsome Italian guy, he ended up having almost 9 inches so she said have a good night

  • My wife tells me that no one ever hits on her. She obviously lies, but she never tells.. the place my wife works had a Christmas party this last year. It was the first one ever. We went and right away she found her friend, off she went leaving me to fend for myself. I took a seat at the bar and guys next to me started talking about the women who had shown up. I figured they would get to my wife sooner or later, and sure enough they did. They started talking about how hot she was and how they both wanted to fuck her. Then one of the guys mentions another person's name and says he's a lucky son of a bitch for getting to fuck her. I was shocked and interjected asking about who the woman was they were talking about. They pointed to my wife and then pointed to the guy who was standing with her. They told me about how those two had an affair for awhile until his wife found out and threatened to expose them of they didn't stop. I should have been pissed off, but I wasn't. They way those two guys explain how every guy in the place wanted to fuck her, just made me horny.

  • I would encourage my wife to fuck all of them.

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