Setting my wife up

I have got some really strong edibles and I plan to feed them to my wife take her to a cheap motel and let everyone use her

1 month ago

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    • Bro you write this shit cause no chick wants you. Fake fake fake

    • Let me get in on this!!

    • You assholes write these fake stories all the time! They are so fake you must be defective to not see that.

      But get this if someone did that or any other fake shit you write to one of my family members I would shoot them till the gun runs out of ammo and reload and do it again! Even if it meant the death penalty for me.

      So keep it fake because I know that I'm not the only one who would do that for my family.

      Don't you have any real stories to write about? Or you a virgin loser that sits and thinks all that bull shit up because you really hate women?

    • Sounds like some ugly bitch don’t got no-one to give her edibles and give her a buncha dicking boo fucking hoo

    • Let me know what motel, I'll be there with a raging hardon ready to use every fuckhole

    • And we will be there with the handcuffs!

    • Kinky.

    • This guy with his handcuff thing again! Yes we GET IT you’re into handcuffs

    • That is so highly illegal they gave it a name. Date rape! When you do that and she finds out, it will be prison for you and the others if caught. And she will get an unconditional divorce and have everything. Heres to hopping the other prisoners find out about it!

    • Wow you must get invited to zero parties
      Guess that’s why you’re always here posting the same shit

    • Sounds like you are really her pimp.

    • Let’s us know what happens. Are you going to watch her get used ?

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