Belly Sparring

Belly Sparring
With Raven Ricard

Disclaimer: As Punching and being punched in the stomach is a huge turn on for me
Stories I write will contain a lot of punching and sex.

After booking our old training room at the louisdale arena for a private match with Raven I was very excited on the drive to louisdale, our last meeting was still fresh in my mind, no one fucks like Raven Ricard! It was hard to stay focused though, this was supposed to be sparring not sex as she had stated in the rules, but I didnt plan on following the rules.

When I arrived at the arena her car was already there, I got butterflies in my stomach as anticipation for this was building. upon getting upstairs to the training room i saw her at the end of the room getting her clothes on for the match, it was a black one piece high cut thong back bathing suit with the belly cut out showing off her belly button, i was just standing there admiring the seductive woman that stood before me, I was too horny to fight at this point and she made it even worse when she saw me and started walking slowly toward me while lightly rubbing her belly button, she knows what that does to me.

"you look happy to see me" she said with an innocent face while looking down at my crotch and then at my face again.

What could i say? "That obvious is it?" I said with a grin. I knew i was getting beat up, there was nothing i could do, all i wanted at this point is for her to just ride my cock like its a horse, but she seemed set on sparring.

I got to the center of the floor with her and squared off, she teased me with her exposed belly and when i threw a punch she dodged it and kicked me in the stomach, then started dancing like a boxer behind me waiting for me to straighten up while i was doubled over from the kick.

"Take your time" she said, mocking me, i could see behind me that she was standing close enough so i tried to suprise her with a back kick but again shes fast and she dodged me and then grabbed my hair and kneed me in the belly twice in a row, then pushed me up against the wall and drove her heel deep inside my belly with a hard side kick. I collapsed to the floor in pain, she was supposed to start counting to 10, and if she had i would have lost the match then and there cause i was down for atleast a minute. Raven was standing over by the table ajusting her bathing suit and waiting for me to get up, finally after about 2 minutes of pain i got back up. Raven wasted no time, she walked over to me and punched me in the stomach, as i bent forward she bent her legs and came up under me and drove an upper cut into me, my feet lifted off the floor and as i came down she, again, burried her knee into my stomach and again a second time and then she let me fall to the floor and suddenly the room was black. I must have passed out.

when i woke up she picked me up before i even knew where i was and punched me in the stomach but instead of letting me bend over this time, she grabbed the back of my hair as she went down to one knee and extended the other leg she bend me backwords over her extended thigh, then she pushed down on the underneath of my jaw, "how about we stretch those abs" she said, then she came down hard on my gut with her elbow, it felt like i had been stabbed in the stomach, she elbowed me another 8 times and i was not passed out but i was so weak i couldnt move. Raven set up her selfie cam and put it on record,

"time to get the video finish" i got excited, i thought she wanted to record sex, i was already on my back unable to move in pain but it was fading, she came back over to me and sat on me and started punching me in the stomach, i was getting so horny as her fist sank deep in my relaxed stomach time and time again, i felt like i was going to cum, but then she got up, and then sat back down on my face, looking toward my feet, she leaned over and said "i'm going to punch your stomach every 5 seconds, and your going to lick my pussy, if you stop licking for more then 3 seconds im going to punch you in the balls, she knew i liked pain but knew i only liked belly pain. I started licking her amazing pussy and it tasted so good while dripping wet, as i licked her she punched me in the stomach every 5 seconds, sometimes she cheated and did it every 3 seconds, but i kept licking only stopping for a max of 2 seconds after a punch as i was in pain, horny and trying to lick a sweet pussy, she was moaning and i knew id get her off, i was so hard but she wouldn't touch me she just punched me in the belly, i felt like i was about to come aswell and remembered the last time i was with her and how great it was, but before i had built up to the point of cuming, Raven had an orgasm first and then got up and just walked to the table and started getting ready to leave.

"wait a sec" i thought, how is she leaving we are not done. I managed to get up and walked over and grabbed her hips, she turned and punched me hard in the belly, "Oooooff"
"no" she said as i doubled over in pain. she started walking toward the door and i straightened my self up and tried to grab her hips again but she turned around like a ninja and and put me in a double underhook, (its where you hold both arms behind my back while i am facing you and bent forward) and she started kneeing me in the gut over and over again, i was in so much pain and still so horny but i knew i wasnt going to be awake long. finally after about 15 knee's she led me over to the table and knee'd me in the gut one more time, i bent over the table holding my stomach. I felt myself passing out again as i heard her say "no means no"

a while later a strange woman came in the room, i was still passed out at the table bent over it with my hands under my stomach, she came over and woke me up, she knew what had happened as she had seen it all on the camera i didn't know was there, she passed me a note. It was from Raven.

"When you wake up, get your clothes on and come to my place tonight for 9pm. Round 2 will be in the bedroom."

I got up and and hugged the woman still in my underwear which was a male thong, got dressed, and out the door i went.

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