Wife on vacation

In the interest of time, I will keep this story somewhat short.

It happened last year on vacation, what you may ask happened? Well, it all started 5 years ago when my wife asked what my fantasy was. Hesitantly I told her my fantasy was to see her with another man. She laughed and told me I was crazy. She would ask me again and again, but my answer never changed. I wanted to see her pick up a stranger, bring him back to our hotel room, and let him please her without ever knowing his name. Each time she launched and said I was crazy.

Last year we booked a trip Colorado, nice little cabin tucked in the mountains, yet close enough to Denver so we could enjoy the night life and daytime activities. There was a hot tub on the back deck and a fireplace in the living area. Nice and rustic and totally secluded.

On the day in question we spent the morning hiking the trails, followed by a little bit of fishing. Around 5:00 we got dressed for dinner and the night out. My wife donned a sexy blue dress that came down mud thigh. The front was cut low enough that she couldn't wear a bra; not that she wanted to anyway. She had on black stockings and a little black thong that really didn't cover much; good thing she's shaved bald downstairs.

So we headed and had a nice dinner, then on to a nightclub that had been recommended to us by some friends. The night was going well and we were having a good time. Then around midnight this gentleman stopped at our table to compliment my wife on how pretty she was. He told me I was one lucky man before asking if he could buy us both a beer. We accepted and he sat down to chat for awhile.

By 2am when the club was closing down we were still talking to this guy. I got up to use the restroom and my wife followed me. On the way she looked at me and smiled with a devil grin. I asked what? And she said if I ever wanted to do my fantasy, it's now or never. I looked back at the guy who's name is Jerry and looked back at her. For real? I asked. She nodded her head yes, so in return I nodded yes. I told her to make it happen before I returned.

Jerry evidently needed no convincing, because when I returned, they were noth ready to go. He followed us to our cabin where all three of us got another drink. I sat in the chair while my wife had Jerry began to kiss. He quickly ran his hand up her dress and ripped her thong away. She quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis. He was hard and average size, nothing to brag about but obviously my wife didn't care. She stroked him while he fingered her.

Several minutes later they both stopped and stripped off their clothes. Jerry laid my wife on the bed and spread her legs. I quickly started eating her pussy and I'm pretty sure she immediately orgasmed. He continued to go down on her for some time, with her having orgasm after orgasm. By the time he finished eating her she already looked exhausted.

He then go on top of her and was ready to penetrate her. Luckily my wife had the brains enough to stop him and demanded he out on a condom. I was so into it that I didn't even think about that. He stopped long enough to quickly throw on a condom and get back in between my wife's legs. He positioned himself just outside her vagina, and with one quick pull from my wife he buried his dick inside her with his balls coming to rest on my wife's ass. She arched her back in pleasure as she dug her nails into Jerry's back.

The race was on, Jerry now sliding in and out of my wife. At first a little slow, but then up to a full on power fucking. He had my wife's legs high in the air slamming away while she moaned and occasionally let out a scream. Several orgasms in and I could tell Jerry was now about to cum. He slowed down and let out a grunt. Kind of disappointing that all my wife got was a grunt out of the guy, but such is life. At least my wife had a great time.

We wished Jerry well as we showed him to the door. He tried to give us his phone number in case we ever came back, but my wife declined. She told him it was better if we never know his last name or his phone number. So that's were it ended. My wife had sex with some guy named Jerry from Denver, in a cabin while I watched. We couldn't have asked for a better vacation.

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  • This is very high up on my wish list. Very nice to hear you got to have such an experience.

  • Faithful marriages are a pipe dream created by movies and the church, at least one of the parties involved won’t be faithful. Maybe 10% of the marriages ever go the distance..

  • Yep, I have been married to my wife for 20 years. In all that time I never suspected or thought she would ever cheat on me. She always acted faithfully and never gave me a reason to doubt her. When I first met her she was best friends with this girl, they did everything together. She even threw my wife her bachelorette party and was her maid of honor in our wedding. About a year ago she and my wife had a falling out and haven't talked since. I seen her out at Walmart one day and stopped to talk. She proceeded to tell me how my wife was still fucking her exboyfriend even after we got married. She said they had been fucking regularly until 4 or 5 years into our marriage. I figured she was trying to start something being pissed at my wife and all. For some reason I couldn't get it out of my head though, so I call her exboyfriend and confronted him. He admitted they had been fucking and in fact still hook up every now and again. When I confronted my wife, she first tried to say her friend was crazy, then I told her I talked to her ex. Finally she broke down and started crying. She tried to say she didn't love him and all this crap. I told her to get the fuck out. We are separated now, but she keeps trying to work it out with me. Bitch please, go fuck yourself.

  • Think of how many times she let you lick her pussy, knowing his cum was still leaking from her. I feel for you

  • The problem is no one can ever truly be sure their spouse is faithful. You and only you can know that, ergo no couple can verify a truly faithful relationship. It's impossible.

  • My wife came home after a girls weekend with unexplainable bruises. When I asked what happened she said she didn’t know. A few weeks later I saw her friend she went with. When I asked her she just kind of stared at me and said “Ummm she didn’t tell you? Well just ask her about Xavier.” I said she “she doesn’t remember!” Her friend said on the first night they met a couple of guys and my wife said she had a weekend pass to do whatever she wanted and she wanted Xavier. They spent two days and nights of him fucking her.

    I walked away from the friend and now my wife and I are separated.

  • What about the weekend pass? Even she didn't have one, backdate one for her. She's a nympho, like my wife, that's a good quality. It happens. I could trust my old girlfriend on a submariner with 100 horny sailors. She'd never fuck any, and only once or twice a week with me (she gets extra credit for blowjobs) -- I like keeping an eye on her, makes me feel like a jealous high school kid who's going with the cafeteria table slut. She does Beach Week with her girls -- saw a picture of her in this little black slut dress at a ritzy beach front house. Got the impression she was staying there. WTF life is too short.

  • Hell yeah!

  • Very sexy experience. Hope your wife wants to do it again sometime.

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