Family nudes

What does your incest fantasy look like nude? Can you describe their body?

26 days

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    • My mom's youngest sister-- only a few years older than me. No desire for actual sex, but her curves have inspired more than a few walks. Even until now at 60 she's toned like Helen Miren.

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    • Stepdaughter 23, big ass and hips, D cup

    • Step-daughter, 17. 5-9, a little baby fat still on her tummy but a medium waist. Huge DD tits. Thick thighs and a big round ass. Probably has a little light brown bush, or at least that's what I picture while masturbating

    • Older sister , 5'6, 38c, narrow waist into some hips and bubble butt, size 7-8 panties. Trimmed short but still some hair , nice little fuzzy caterpillar on her mound....

    • My mother is just over 5 foot. Small B cup tits, bald pussy. Slim figure.

    • My mother is 5’8” tall light redhead long hair wide hips thick thighs 36DD bra size and has a full trimmed bush. Carpet matches the drapes. She’s 36 years old and wears the sexiest underwear. Open bottom girdles and thigh length girdles with either a split crotch or snap crotch mainly white black or beige in color. They are very silky ones. Full slips and half slips. She loves for me to lick her pussy when my dad isn’t home. If I make her orgasm with my tongue she rewards me with sex. She knows I like her sexy underwear and will wear them during intercourse. I love the feeling of her tight silky girdle as I’m thrusting in her pussy and sucking her tits sometimes through the thin silky lace cups of her slips.
      On occasions when my dads home and they have sex it usually doesn’t last very long and her falls asleep right after he cums in her. She still worked up because she hasn’t orgasmed. Dad doesn’t like to eat pussy either. She will come to my room just in her panties and robe and will crawl up on my bed spread her legs and guide my head to her soaked panty crotch. The musky smell is intoxicating and give me instinctively hard on. She will slide the panty crotch over and tell me to do my magic. So I will lick and suck her tangy pussy to orgasm and then I fuck her with her panties still on and cum very deep and hard in her already fucked pussy. She gets up and goes back to bed with my dad filled with both of our cum.

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